Citadel Massacre

After retrieving the Silmaril from Melkor the Blind the group return triumphant to Eboracorum to witness the dedication of a Holy Avenger to Pelenor – the High Paladin of the Pendragons court, and by default the high Paladin of Albion. Many high ranking officials are present, including Mordred, Arthur’s heir apparent, who has employed Boris and his Red Branch as body guards.

During the ceremony the packed citadel is attacked by Drow, disguised as local clerics (the originals are later found to be massacred). 4 of the Drow attack the crowd, indiscriminately slaughtering men, women and children whist 2 others, using an unknown power, paralyse Mordecai (ruler of Eboracorum) and Pelenor. The 2 Drow then place their hands on their victims’ heads who scream in agony.

On the floor of the Citadel the group tear into the other Drow. To the surprise of the group, the first Drow they badly damage roars “FOR LOLTH!” and activates a magic ring which explodes in a 30ft fireball, killing or badly injuring all in its range. 2 other Drow die this way, with the fourth killed before he can self-destruct. This 4th Drow is found to be wearing a spider shaped ring which Mica claims.

The group then attack the 2 remaining Drow in an attempt to rescue Pelenor and Mordecai – they fail. On examining the bodies it appears the brains have been destroyed, preventing any chance of resurrection spells working (even if any clerics survived).

After the dust settles Mordred claims the Holy Avenger, claiming he will return it to Arthur. When asked why his bodyguards didn’t help he responds that they are paid to protect him, not peasants.
After rendering what aid they could, Saul (Mr Houston’s character) sets off to inform Arthur of events (as a harper it’s his duty) and the rest set off to complete the silmaril quest.

Returning the Simiral to Odin

After returning the gem to Odin, the group ask what he’ll use it for, he answers with a slight smile ‘Genocide’. He then gets Thor to drop the gem on the Drows side of the portal.

The group ask the best way to fight the Drow and chromatic dragon (they released), Odin suggests talking to Old Spiney, a brass Dragon who apparently still lives in the Wyrmwood to the south of Ebacorum – the cost of this information is the group must let the elves know the Drow have the silmaril.

See map of Albion

On return to Long Barrow the group encounter a group of elves on a trade mission to Lady Swanneck (ruler of Long Barrow) and inform them that the Drow now have the silmaril, they refrain from telling the elves of the groups role in this.

And now the journey continues……….

As it does Arya considers that the Drow have now managed to remove two more of the people on their list. She is also surprised that Mordred didn’t intervene in helping to protect the leader of Eborocrum. Whilst not being the cleverest, the fact is not lost on her that once again Boris and his redguard are on the scene… Everytime they have been guarding someone, it turns out this person is opposing the party’s will…


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