The dragon and the demon

We meet at the dragon and demon

There is a matching set of high elves, the local blacksmith, some adventurers and some watchmen.

Mica has spent some time with the stone and that it does have a personality,

Nicklas sword is confused and is emphatic

The guardsmen are giving him dirty looks and then go over and chat. The guard are going with scrot, who is a slaver. Nicklas intimidates the guardsmen who leave.

Mica discovers that the stone is an old library stone and that to find more Abercorum. The mage advises that he should go to caerdydd, which is where the school of divination is.

Abercorum is 4 days away, the last inn is on the west road out.

The party have been following rumours of dragons. They found burnt villages but no dragons, they lost a few party members. The fought several members of the red branch… Barbarians. They’re heading south.

While we are chatting a messenger comes in and tells us to report to the commanders office immediately . He is slightly corrupt and specist and a distant cousin to lady swan beck.

We walk into the office, which has several heads on the wall trolls, orcs etc. he doesn’t look up for a while.

The baroness is worried about the elderin. We keep any loot and pull 5gp a day,

The sword is perplexed and happy, but we.

We head north and see a campfire, where we’re expecting to camp. The ranger is sent off to investigate. There are some humans guards, with 6-8 chained barbarians and about 13 people in total.

We speak to them, Arya is slightly besotted with the leader, who is called scrot.

We move on and camp, the wizard summons his raven.

Jerome picks up some goblin tracks and we head off. The raven tells us that there is an encampment.

The raven and the gnome reckon there are a maximum of eight goblins. The goblins seem to be more organised than we would expect. They all have short bows.

The wizard is going to cast sleep. 4 goblins go to sleep Arya throws a spear and kills the first goblin. Nicklas, charges and misses….twice.

Two magic missiles shoot across the field and take out the goblin which is fleeing. Another one appears from one of the caves and takes a crossbow through the head from Jerome.

Saul wakes one of the goblins which flees, Arya misses and Jerome shoots it with a crossbow.

Arya discovers an ogre in the last cave, she stabs it with the galaive and the wizard sends in a magic missile.

Arya crits the ogre in capacitating it and setting it on fire. Nick las misses again. Jerome and Saul fire missiles connecting with the ogre. A ray of frost cools the ogre down. Jerome crits the ogre and kills it. He then interrogates the goblin, it appears that it is clear that there.

We find 57 GPs, 30 silver and 10 copper. 3 quartz crystals, 2 moonstones and five pieces of Amber and an Elven designed decanter of liquid.

The wizard identifies the decanter as one of endless water. After a short rest we head over to the Wizards tower. We rest in the tower safely overnight, although a drunken guard invites Arya for a drink, which she politely declines.

The next day we head to short barrow. And arrive to find a giant skull which has burn holes from the outside. There is a dragon statue and demon facing off.

The sword is nervous/worried.

The history of this area is 1000s of yrs ago the Eldridge fought the humans for supremacy, the humans aligned with the dragons and the elderin summoned demons on their side. The Eldrid stayed. No one knows what happened to the dragons and the demons.
Mica asked the stone about it. This area is an old Eldrid demon summoning area.

Some dragons fought for humanity, the metallics fought for humananity, the chromatic s on the other side.

The area radiates evil and magic. The hedges are portals of some description. Mica walks through the portal and 4 skeletons and a Wight appear out of nowhere.

Jerome attacks the skeleton with his swords and hits it. Arya throws her spear at the Wight and misses, before heading into battle. The wizard protects himself. The Nicklas heads in and smites a skeleton. As second skeleton fumbles its attack, allowing Nicklas to get an extra attack in.

The Wight flashes its ring at Arya, stunning her. The bard heads in and sings to the Wight.

The battle rages, Nicklas is struck down by a skeleton, killing him. The bard stands up to the bard, who plays a power chord of thunder killing two skeletons. Jerome nimbly st so aside from the fumbling skeleton to strike the Wight.

The wizard pours a potion down the fighters throat while his mage armour fends off the attack from the skeleton. This brings around Nicklas who gets up to hit the skeleton. As an encore the bard curses the enemy and inhibits its ability to.

Arya leaps into action, charging up the stairs and smites the Wight with a divine smite, killing it. This kills the skeletons.

The skeletons.

The Wight had a long sword of black glass, a ring with onyx, which Arya detects as evil. A further search reveals a half buried chest of 30gps, a spell scroll, a wand, and a huge blue sapphire the size of Leavys fist.

Inside the skull are 5 sarcophagi, with the lists removed. The wizard and the paladin climb in through an eyeball.

We withdraw to the treeline and rest the night. Nicklas goes through the henge…. The dragons stone shape falls off. Nicklas then runs through the henge, which causes the demon to crumble. There is an epic battle, which the dragon wins.who is Askor the black, a minor player in the days of the Great War.

Nicklas speaks to the dragon, while Arya cringes in terror. He tells the dragon that there is food to the north,

We get back to the city and discover that lady swan necks heir has been kidnapped. We head back and see the boss. We show him the skulls and provide proof, he is skeptical of our dragon sighting.

Nicklas speaks a good talk of our escapades, sending the dragon north to eat goblins.

We head out and sell stuff

40gp for the demon horn

We head off to see our people to find out about the kidnapping.

Nicklas speaks to his mate, who gives us the low down…. Happened the day after we left. … About the time that scrot would have come through. No one went in or out the night before.

Jerome is sent to do some tracking and Nicklas goes up to the room to see what there is. The is no signs of a struggle and no clothes missing.
After a long search Jerome find footprints are found that are carrying a weight. Humanoid boot prints is what they are.

We head south and after a day’s travel we find Scrot’s abandoned and stripped wagon. We discover that the party has swapped to horses. Jonk the raven is sent up to see if they can see if anything. The horse tracks keep heading to the Copper hills, and we follow after them. The horses have fled as fast as they can.

We eventually arrive at the dwarven city of Copper hills. We discover the dwarves don’t deal in slaves….. And scrot cutter hasn’t been there in months and months.

We head back up the road to look for the hoof prints…. We find they have indeed left the road and heading off the path into the swamp area. The raven is recalled and sent out to scout the land. The raven spots a staging post where there is a staging post, with 18 horses and a stable boy. He is a chatty bloke and tells us that Scrot is up at the old Dunn. Nicklas


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