The journey to Camelot


A week later, Spiney has recovered enough to now get to the Plane for Dragons and is leaving for this and will meet us in Camelot. He is off to see Arthur Pendragon.
The Anfauglith the black is the name of the one the heroes accidently released outside Longbarrow.

We summon our new tower for the first time and it raises the tower, standing at the door isa. Earth elemental whose name is Incorrigible. There is a full inventory including 400 outfits for.

The tower sits in the prime material plane times passes equally, when it’s shut is in the elemental plane of earth..

The party heads back to the Last Drop Inn to collect the horses and take the route to Magna Castrum.

It is June July a sunny day. In the distance we can see a Pallistrade which is Magna Castrum, we head through into the town.

After calling at the main castle the party is informed that the boss is in the Knocking shop and will be back tomorrow around 10. The party retires to a fine pub called the Dragons Head, with guards on the door. The clientele are mixed with fighters, Wizards, half orcs,

As we walk across the room we notice a group of Elves watching us. There are also a couple of Rangers We head over to chat them El Luthais is thei leader and is a Mage. He knows who we are and we pass on information.

We adjourn to their rooms on the top floor to a penthouse.

Male Mage is Etrian
Ranger is Thalanil and Jartal
The fighter asks to be called Shield
When asked how the war is going, he is not happy..

We talk about what we have done and the elves are keen to take the scroll., however the party dissuades them from taking the scroll, they also do not want to accompany us. The elves are there to stop the captain being captured and changed by the dark elves.

The next day the party rides down the road towards Camelot. After two hours we see Roland in the distance. And in the trees are the rest of the party.

Roland says I’m sorry we can’t let you get this knowledge out. The elves open fire. A fireball explodes into the back of Arya after blade wished for it to hit the knight in the back.

All the horses are fried. Tower runs forward and plonks the castle down and asks the butler to let us in.
The Elven fighter is thrown backwards, whilst the archers rain down on the party trying to get in the tower.

Both Elven mages disappear, while Shield is coming around from the shock.. The entire party is now in the tower. Arya heals the party , we see the last of the elves disappearing through a portal. The party heads out of the Portal, Blade shouts to Roland saying that we’ve still got the scroll…. There is no answer.

The party heads south as top speed. We end the day approaching Albion Fields, it is heavily wooded, we move off into the forest and put up the castle, after Shaft cleared the area of animals.

Arya (Lipstick) is not happy that Roland has betrayed the heroes trust and tried to kill them, so she breaks the seal on the scroll and reads it out to the heroes.

Blade asks the answer stone about whether the writing of the scroll, who wrote it. According to legend it was written by who has signed it. Previously the legends alluded that the drow aligned themselves with the orcs. Book believes the document is a document of the correct time, whether it is written by the drow is another question.

The high elves enlisted the humans and dwarves into the war.

The drow are the initial inhabitants of Albion.

The next day there appears to be no activity on the road, the party continue to head down the road. Book finds a document on the making and forging of dragon armour.

The party enter Echbaldton, where the local Lord is Eldwine, who the drow wish to turn to their cause.

Echbaldton is a major market town and is a hotch potch of different races.

The party announce themselves to Lord Eldwine, a large Viking type, and tells us it will take 2 days if hard ride.

Eldwine says he has executed two if the new comers in his employ. Pendragon will know. He identifies us as the ‘idiots who released the dragons.’ He shows us the two drow he has lynched. He was warned by the elves that were looking after him.

We give him a red dragon scale. Arya heads off to the church of Macapaca to tithe his cash. He also discovers how to get rid of the evil armour…. Dropping it into a volcano or getting a silver dragon to breath on it. She tithes another 50 gp.

Blade drops into the bounty office and then we see the elves guarding Eric the Red. We speak quite frankly to Gillian. He is fairly laid back.

Arya and Blade go to see the dwarven armoursmith and learns the following


To get dwarven armour we need to get special dispensation from King Bloodaxe, it turns out that he knows someone who we could see.

Bloodaxe is in Scotland Umbdreckard. The dwarven armourer writes out a slate introducing us to the King and asking for permission to access Dwarven armour.

Master Smith sells Arya a belt of storm hill giant strength. Which will help her wield the Hammer of thunderbolts found in the Dragon’s lair

We go onto the Bowyer and get some exploding arrows for the team and a composite Bow for the paladin.


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