The lair of Melkor the blind

Scooby scooby doo

The party is teleported to the island and to the front door. seatbelt opens the front door and there is an unearthly green light and fetid odour.

The party goes in and turns left. Further down the corridor is a spike trap with a halfling body impaled on it.
It was tripped by an old school tripwire.

Around the corner we find three bodies with terrified looks on their faces.
We find 40 GPs and some nice swords.

In one of the alcoves we find another three bodies in a defensive position, they have been beaten to death.

Whilst Arya and Seatbelt stand guard, Tosscobble finds a secret door. The party enters a large room with crates and bags of gold coin.

As the party moves into a room a bell rings and a mummy materialises out of the dust. Book covers it in a web and Arya throws a flask of oil at it to increase the flamability. Toss cobble goes over to the gold. Seatbelt moves into the room. Arya encourages the party to move quickly.

Book runs past and casts burning hands, seriously wounding the mummy. Arya moves in and finishes it off, before moving towards the next door.

Mylo notices that the chests are locked and that there is around 3000gps. Before heading over to the door. Seatbelt engages the mummy whilst Saul drops his crossbow.

Arya charges a mummy and knocks one of the mummies over before moving towards the door. The mummy gets up and frightens Jerome. Tosscobble gets to the door and desperately starts trying to pick the lock.

The bell tolls and another mummy appears. The party now realises the importance of the Wizards advice of moving quickly.

Toss cobble unlocks the door into the next room, Seatbelt knocks his mummy over and heads to the next room, as the mummy’s punch flies past Arya’s head. The other mummy loses its arm as its punch misses.. Arya flees from the mummy and is followed by Jerome who crowbars the doors shut.

The mummies start beating on the door and at the other door a wraith appears, blocking our exit.

Tosscobble unlocks the next door with ease as Book commands the wraith to grovel and then flees to the door along with the rest of the party. This room looks like an armoury, the party collects some pretty rusty maces as a mummy appears at the door we’ve just come through.

Book again commands the mummy and it flees, the wraith comes through the door, Jerome fails to unlock the door.

Book forsee’s that Tosscobble will unlock the door and low and behold he does. The party flees into a new treasure room as the wraith moves to attack Seatbelt. Arya steps in and calling upon her god, uses her divine power to smite the wraith with her radiant glaive, killing it in one hit before heading out through the next door.

We hear that the door from the first Mummy room smash, meaning the mummies have broke through into the wraiths room.

The bell dings and an undead beholder appears. Tosscobble fumbles the lock, dropping his lockpicks in his haste to unlock the dooor. Jerome whips them up and unpicks the lock and goes straight through the door, whilst Seatbelt and Arya bundle the last of the party through, although Arya doesn’t make it through in one go and is charmed by the Eye Tyrant.

Seatbelt tricks Araya by telling her the simirals are in here, which convinces Araya to move throug into the room. This turns out to be a safe room.

As Book moves to the walls. Melkor the blind appears in the wingback chair and welcomes us and offers us food.

Book extols Melkor if he can take anything back to the tower of necromancy, which book agrees to do. Melkor asks him to take his black dragon claw staff to the tower of necromancy. Melkor is offered three spell scrolls.

Seatbelt asks where the best loot is…. The spell room is suggested. Melkor decides to reward us with a bag of holding. He also gives Book his diary and his black robes of necromancy.

It is decided that Arya is blinded and has a rope tied around her in case there is a trap. Seatbelt is sent in blindfolded and goes in to see if it’s there. He finds it and is severely burnt by the silmirals.


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