The road to Camelot

A large army is marching towards. They are made up heavily armoured units and around 300-400 units.

The army is human, the lead unit is the Order of the Rose, the top unit of Paladins.
Sir Grunhild is the knight commander She is on route to Ebrcorum to relieve the city which is being besieged by Giants, orcs and dragons.

They are followed by the Knights of the sword and the Knights of the crown.

We arrive at the city around lunchtime.

Camelot is more of a fortress than a city. Book gets a strong sense of magic. A stone elemental materialises out of the ground to greet us. It tells us we are expected and that a guide is on his way to escort us in.

The elemental turns to Book to says " it has been a long time my lord, may your stay be pleasant." The elemental then dematerialises. Book is momentarily confused, but then realises it was the clothing he holds

Spiny greets us and takes into the city. “Come with me there is someone I want you to meet before your presence becomes known.”

In the centre of the room is a man donning armour, He has a black bastard sword, with a silvered edge. His shield has the image of a platinum dragon on it. The heroes all go down on one knee. He impatiently tells them to sit down. This is Arthur Pendragon

He says he is getting ready to leave with the second half of the army. A large drow army has been spotted

Calledin is the current Merlin
Beneviere knight commander of the Rose
Alias the personal physician

The Elven Kings son “the shield of the elves” is in the city. Farnarfen wants us arrested. For stealing ancient Elven artefacts.

Beneviere takes us to a very nice inn. Arya Tells Beneviere about the Death Knights armour and unholy sword. She goes on to enquire if there is anyone in the city who would be able to destroy it. Arya is informed that Tragopan Trolldriver is the top cleric in Camelot who will be able to deal it.

Lipstick and the cleric’s servant go to see Trolldriver. Saul and Milo go off to debrief at the Harper’s.

Jerome heads off to look for a drink.

Book goes to see Merlin and asks why the the elemental welcomed him at the gates, but discovers that Merlin is a Druid and bard, not a wizard. Merlin is weighing up Book and tells him so. Book then modifies his arch Mage robes from white to a dark red.

Lipstick goes to see the cleric. Moriaon’s temple is where the Cleric may be found.

We’ give the red dragon head to the innkeeper, where the party is staying.
Later on…

The wizard eats the brain of the dragon and gains the ability to cast charm person three times a day. Jerome volunteers to cut out his tongue. Book allows this and nearly bleeds to death from the event. For his pain his verbal charisma based skills are now significantly better. His eyes turn to the colour of the dragon (green), and becomes slits rather than round. He eats the eyes and the tongue.

Book starts to be able to see into the ethereal plane.

Arya gets 2 healing potions for each in the party from the cleric.

Later in the bar, the heroes learn that Arthur is great. There is rumours that Callidin might be the God of neutrality, Gillian. And that Guinevere is a sage and very knowledgeable in that Camelot was the first prime portal and this was the site of the first Mage tower. Mordread is also a sage, but intensely disliked. He is also said to be very jealous of Guinevere.

It turns out that we have been put in the opposite end of the town to the Shield of the Elves.

A week later we are summoned to a meeting with

The drow have fled the field. Guinevere leaves. Beneviere appears Ill at ease. Arya goes off to protect Guinevere at the Beneviere’s behest.

Book learns that there is a portal, Guinevere and Mordred have been researching the portals in order to make sure they are defended or may be able to aid the king.

Arya arrives to find Guinevere laying in a pool of blood, alive but unconscious. Surrounding her are the bodies of several of Mordred’s Redbranch orcs. Arya quickly heals the queen, to prevent her from dying. She comes around briefly to tell the paladin that Mordred has stolen the master portal key and intends to bring the drow in through the old paths.
Saul dimension doors Guinevere to Beneviere for her safety and recovery. As the spell is cast Calledin appears next to Saul. He has sensed the casting of magic and come to see what has happened.

The old paths simply refer to the portals upon which Camelot was built. They were abandoned and closed when they couldn’t be controlled.

Mordred will be trying to break a barrier that is holding back the drow and seek to return them to aid him conquering Camelot..

There only three keys, the master key, Calledin tells us We’ll have to catch Mordred to get the master key to get back. A key will detect a portal and hold it open for a round.

All portals are found within 200 feet of each of other. The first mages tower.

The Sage goes onto to tell us that time is different in the old paths. When we step through, no time will pass for us.


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