To the Tower of Divination

Arthur is the King and it goes down to regional leaders ….. Key members of Albion society.

Mordacai is going to provide us with

Palinor is becoming the high paladin of the country in a fortnight and we are invited.

Seatbelt Izekial’s sentient sword is mildly disgruntled as the party no longer has the all knowing eldarin Rock.

Book tells us about the message he received.
The message says that if we go to the Tower of Divination, Book will have to take a test.

Book reads the sheet and is blown across the room by the protection on the scroll. However it looks like the scroll shows that

Mordacai and Swanneck are distantly related. We tell them about the links on the list. Mordecai is going to send our his special service people (the Harper’s and the bards)

The party goes shopping for healing potions and buys 5 potions.

The tower of divination

The tower of divination has good neutral and evil in them to keep them balanced, the towers of the various schools hate each other. They don’t tend to get involved in day to day affairs.

We travel for several days through the cold and the snow . The journey is uneventful.
We arrive at the foot of a large ivory tower .

At the bottom of the cliff face we see a campfire burning. The party sends Book ahead and is hailed by name and is asked if he is here to take the test.

Elinor is head of. divination.

We head towards the door

“The journey to this point is not so worthy of memory as the journey from it.”

Into the tower of divination

The party reorders into standard marching order, Tosscobble moves to the front and is hit BT a lightning bolt., by standing on a magical pressure pad.

Book casts Mage hand as his test it on the Lightning pressure pad. The party ends up jumping across, the bard dies. We pour a ressurection potion down his throat and bring him back to life.

The party continues with Mage hand detecting the traps. Seatbelt comes up with the idea of putting his rope on the traps, allowing it to not reset. The party crosses safely. A solid iron door closes solidly behind us.

We come around the corner and have a 5 foot chasm in behind an arrow trap. Book recognises the chasm as an illusion, but Seatbelt discovers that the chasm has a lightning trap.
The party crawls under the arrow trap, seatbelt sorts out the Lightning bolt trap and we continue on. Arya triggers the magic bolt trap.

We come around the corner and see an eye, Book waves at it and a fireball rushes down, Arya dives to the ground and avoids the fireball as it passes overhead, burning many many of the party behind.

We back round the corner and test it out. Arya tests it out by crawling under it. This is successful and the party follows on.

The water trap.

The next trap causes the corridor to flood, the party flees down the corridor, some of the party are caught by iron hands, Arya easily breaks the first one, but is caught by another. Book magic missiles the rock, the gnome creates a snorkel with his flute.

Fortunately the party gets past this and the water recedes before the smallest of the party don’t drown.

The writing over the door at the end says “the past is the key to the future.” It then opens.

Arya tells the party that this route will be the same path as what we have just done. Seatbelt fires a crossbow bolt…. It keeps going and disappears. At the far end a large Orc appears.

We taunt it and it starts charging towards the party , as it gets closer we can see that it has an amulet, which is glowing as it charges towards us.

The party opens up with ranged weapons on the Orc. It comes up as the fighter types tell Book to get out the way so they can get to the Orc. Saul, sings to the Orc, incapacitating it.

Book’s Mage hand moves outside of the path and triggers another Uraki to come into the fight.

The first Orc is killed off, Arya moves forward to hold off the next attack., the Orc charges up to her as Mylo gets the amulet off the dead Orc. Seatbelt moves into assist Arya against the new Uraki Orc.

Saul inspires Seatbelt to greater heights and distracts the Uraki from hitting Seatbelt. Tosscobble steps outside of the corridor and disappears.

Book realises that Tosscobble has been teleported away someone .

The Uraki fumbles and tops himself, Arya and and Seatbelt put him out of his misery and passes the amulet to Book. The party discusses whether Book should just teleport out. It is his test after all.

A White robed wizard comes up to Book and tells him he has passed. Book is still suspicious . However the rest of the party allay his concerns.

The Council of Three.

Elinar the White
Astidius the red
Dalamar.the black

Arya greets them and thanks them for their hospitality. And the chance to pit our skills against their traps and pits.

The simiralLes…. Neil will send the copy over.

Only the righteous can touch the simirals. We get the map to

It is foreseen that we do not kill the black dragon we realised.

The sword was forged before the separation of the eldarin and the Elven race. It appears to be a guardian sword, it is a lawful neutral sword and will never need sharpening. Don’t be alarmed, but if you go contrary to its mission it will possess you.

Getting the stone back is a good one, but we would have to defeat the golems. This is not a good idea.


Ozzie_the_wizard Ozzie_the_wizard

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