Off to see old Spiney

The party discuss and agree that we’ll develop and report on the last two thousand years of history. Book suggests that we could give Nick’s talking sword. He is given a shirt shrift.

The party heads off towards Ebrocrum, with the aim of turning south toward Wrymwood.
There is no traffic on the road.

Riding up the bridge we see three people camping on the far side of the bridge. Jerome notices two more in the woods

Inglorian two swords (Elven paladin) and Rowland of Kernow.. We are warned

An epic battle between a large red dragon and there used to an old Elven city which was attacked by the red dragon, the elves fled towards Ebrocorum.

Old Spiney attacked the red in our defence and was giving it a kicking. A large green also arrived was known as Verdent dreamweaver and the Red was Cwmwl Tan. The green dragged both down and none were seen. Wrymwood is (tor lithium) is an island, surrounded by a healing river which can reserruect the dead, but what goes in doesn’t come out the same. The river is Ousk, known as the water of life.

Mighty wards still surround the island, the only safe passage is by the old bridge near the abondoned clerics tower.

Nick asks if there is anything that we can get for you. There is said to be a scroll of great knowledge in Tor Ithyll. It will be a very old parchment scroll written in a gold band. It would be better still if we didn’t read it" says Roland of Kernow.

Chromatic dragons a are now appearing across the country, reds are the most prevalent.

We head on down the road, we hear an army marching down the road, with outliers, the entire army simply marches around the party.

4 hrs later the last of the army goes past, we ride onto The last drop inn. The innkeeper is Carrowman Majere, a massive and overweight innkeeper.

The general conversation was about the Elven army and turns to Wyrmwood, saying its been a while since any adventurers went that way.

Suggest we follow the river and turn east, when we met the fork in the river.

Green dragons primary attack is poisonous gas, they can manipulate nature and are cowards, more cerebral than the other dragons. Red and green dragons don’t. The green dragon thinks

Reds are more aggressive and will never flee, it will fight to the death. Don’t let a red get airborne.

The green came from across the channel, was very quiet for years, and the attack very sound

The red came from Wales….and you can blow smoke up its bottom, I’d flatter.

Nic asks the stone why it’s so happy to have the sword and armour around. The armour and sword are the weapons of the stone’s guardian. The sword is likely to get quite excited when it senses a dragon.

The clerics tower,…. As the water of the river was a healing and resserecting river. The tower was the home of a high level cleric.

The next day the heroes head down to the clerics tower. We arrive over the brow of a hill to see the bridge to Wyrmwood and strong encampment of goblins.

Jerome estimates the full encampment is around 40-50 goblins and some orcs..

The party opens fire against the goblins and starts taking them out with bow and bolt fire. Book looses a fireball at the Orc, taking out the goblins.

The heroes move forward to engage. Out of the tower comes a Teifling, appears and dashes down the steps to engage the heroes.

Book launches another fireball and takes out the remaking in goblins. Out of the pit and into the fray charge another 9 goblins.

Jerome climbs into the ruins and shoots the Teifling, killing it outright, another long range fireball flies over Arya’s head taking out most of the goblins. Arya shoulders her bow, charges the remaining goblins, taking out two of them, the other one try’s to hit Nick and flees.

The remaining Orc keeps coming down the stairs and charges Nick and gets a bolt in the eye.

There is a magical staff held by the dead tiefling.

The remaining dead goblins are strung up to deter the other goblins from coming back to fight the heroes.

Book and Arya go over to the sarcophagus, book senses great magic power, he can’t open the lid. Inside in is a human body in full jet black armour. The armour is the Knights of the rose. The armour is jet black and completely burnt. Arya feels strong evil emanating from the body.

Arya identifies it as a death knight and ignites her sun blade and drives it through the death knights neck , it’s red eye’s open and it tries to pull out the sword, but fails.

The death knight’s sword is a holy avenger, lawful evil, the armour is also +3 lawful evil. Book suggests we give it to This is an inspired idea. Arya blesses the sarcophagus.

Overnight the party has bad dreams about a veiled woman dressed in green with a burnt face. She says we will die at the dawn.

The party scout out the surroundings from the top of the tower and spy a veiled lady, who tells us her name is Verdent…… dreamweaver.

Verdant tells us that Cwmrn Tan is no longer a problem..

Book flies her Raven over with the ring for LLoth.,which highly amuses the dragon, however Nic’s call of would you like chips with that, angers the dragon in woman form and she changes into a dragon causing the small people to be terrified, the wizard, the paladin and the fighter are not affected.

Let battle commence,green_dragon.png

Bolts and fireballs rain down on the dragon.

Verdent leaps towards the tower and breathes a cloud of chlorine at the tower, Nic and Jerome and toss cobble get burnt..

Book blinds the dragon,, as Nic runs towards the dragon across the top of one the sarcophagus and launches himself into the air winging the dragon, which prevents it from flying away, he drags the sword down the creature’s wing and lands safely, as the dragon howls in agony and lands heavily on the ground next to the Long barrow guardsman.

Arya blows the horn of Vallahal and summons 9 berserkers , 7 of which aren’t as tough as they thought and dis appear, the remaining 2 attack the dragon with a vengeance.

The dragon is really pissed and goes after the guardsman, but he dodges behind the wall.

Book hastes the paladin. Who teleports onto the dragons back and sinks the light sabre into the dragons neck, the berserkers

The dragon recharges its breath weapon and releases his breath weapon against the two Tin cans, Arya the full effect of the gas and falls unconscious on the back ofthe dragon. Nic kills the dragon with a mighty blow, killing it. He runs across and pours a healing potion down her throat, reviving her.

There is a satchel fallen over by the bridge, which is a proper bag of holding, holding 2 keys.

Jerome butchers the dragon so it can go into the bag of holding, filling up all spare vials with its blood.

The party spends the rest of the day cutting up the dragon and healing wounds..

The next day the party heads into Wyrmwood. There is a well travelled path with lots of goblin and Orc footprints, around 30 orcs and giant rat prints.

There is an entrance to the Elven city, there are leafy patterns carved into the door and a sign of the moon over the top. There is waft coming out of the mine, which is fairly grim.

Inside there is exquisite Elven stone works, this is pretty much the goblins lair.

Further down we can hear a chittering noise, the tanks light up the way and head in. Arya convinces 35 rat type people.

The next place has a pile of orcs in there., Arya holds up the dragons head in an attempt to intimidate the orcs, which doesn’t work, Arya drops her weapon in the charge. Jerome takes out his opponent, Nic drops his sword and punches the Orc . Toss cobble shoots and kills the Shaman at the back of the room. Jerome slips on the blood and the pile of swords on the floor, falling over, magic missiles come in from Book and kill the Orc.

We open the door and find Spiney in human form, he is chained by magic chains and we talk to him. Toss Cobble breaks his first lock pick and gets it on the second.

After a discussion, Nic opens the door a blast of fire pushes down through and around the guardsman., who follows up by charging in against the dragon, lighting up the room with his armour, blinding the dragon, himself and Arya.

It appears that the dragon is completely insane and is even more grumpy Toss Cobble stuns the dragon, which encourages Spiney to join the battle, he pushes past and attacks his ancient foe.

Book tries to tie the dragon down with a web but it simply flexes it’s muscles and breaks free. Spiney bitess down, ripping the re dragon to bits

We discover that the pact has been broken

There is a ring of air elementals
Hammer of thunderbolts- giants bane is its name.

There is a scroll wrapped in gold.

Morkendamins magic tower

Not to repeat the pact.

Citadel Massacre

After retrieving the Silmaril from Melkor the Blind the group return triumphant to Eboracorum to witness the dedication of a Holy Avenger to Pelenor – the High Paladin of the Pendragons court, and by default the high Paladin of Albion. Many high ranking officials are present, including Mordred, Arthur’s heir apparent, who has employed Boris and his Red Branch as body guards.

During the ceremony the packed citadel is attacked by Drow, disguised as local clerics (the originals are later found to be massacred). 4 of the Drow attack the crowd, indiscriminately slaughtering men, women and children whist 2 others, using an unknown power, paralyse Mordecai (ruler of Eboracorum) and Pelenor. The 2 Drow then place their hands on their victims’ heads who scream in agony.

On the floor of the Citadel the group tear into the other Drow. To the surprise of the group, the first Drow they badly damage roars “FOR LOLTH!” and activates a magic ring which explodes in a 30ft fireball, killing or badly injuring all in its range. 2 other Drow die this way, with the fourth killed before he can self-destruct. This 4th Drow is found to be wearing a spider shaped ring which Mica claims.

The group then attack the 2 remaining Drow in an attempt to rescue Pelenor and Mordecai – they fail. On examining the bodies it appears the brains have been destroyed, preventing any chance of resurrection spells working (even if any clerics survived).

After the dust settles Mordred claims the Holy Avenger, claiming he will return it to Arthur. When asked why his bodyguards didn’t help he responds that they are paid to protect him, not peasants.
After rendering what aid they could, Saul (Mr Houston’s character) sets off to inform Arthur of events (as a harper it’s his duty) and the rest set off to complete the silmaril quest.

Returning the Simiral to Odin

After returning the gem to Odin, the group ask what he’ll use it for, he answers with a slight smile ‘Genocide’. He then gets Thor to drop the gem on the Drows side of the portal.

The group ask the best way to fight the Drow and chromatic dragon (they released), Odin suggests talking to Old Spiney, a brass Dragon who apparently still lives in the Wyrmwood to the south of Ebacorum – the cost of this information is the group must let the elves know the Drow have the silmaril.

See map of Albion

On return to Long Barrow the group encounter a group of elves on a trade mission to Lady Swanneck (ruler of Long Barrow) and inform them that the Drow now have the silmaril, they refrain from telling the elves of the groups role in this.

And now the journey continues……….

As it does Arya considers that the Drow have now managed to remove two more of the people on their list. She is also surprised that Mordred didn’t intervene in helping to protect the leader of Eborocrum. Whilst not being the cleverest, the fact is not lost on her that once again Boris and his redguard are on the scene… Everytime they have been guarding someone, it turns out this person is opposing the party’s will…

The lair of Melkor the blind
Scooby scooby doo

The party is teleported to the island and to the front door. seatbelt opens the front door and there is an unearthly green light and fetid odour.

The party goes in and turns left. Further down the corridor is a spike trap with a halfling body impaled on it.
It was tripped by an old school tripwire.

Around the corner we find three bodies with terrified looks on their faces.
We find 40 GPs and some nice swords.

In one of the alcoves we find another three bodies in a defensive position, they have been beaten to death.

Whilst Arya and Seatbelt stand guard, Tosscobble finds a secret door. The party enters a large room with crates and bags of gold coin.

As the party moves into a room a bell rings and a mummy materialises out of the dust. Book covers it in a web and Arya throws a flask of oil at it to increase the flamability. Toss cobble goes over to the gold. Seatbelt moves into the room. Arya encourages the party to move quickly.

Book runs past and casts burning hands, seriously wounding the mummy. Arya moves in and finishes it off, before moving towards the next door.

Mylo notices that the chests are locked and that there is around 3000gps. Before heading over to the door. Seatbelt engages the mummy whilst Saul drops his crossbow.

Arya charges a mummy and knocks one of the mummies over before moving towards the door. The mummy gets up and frightens Jerome. Tosscobble gets to the door and desperately starts trying to pick the lock.

The bell tolls and another mummy appears. The party now realises the importance of the Wizards advice of moving quickly.

Toss cobble unlocks the door into the next room, Seatbelt knocks his mummy over and heads to the next room, as the mummy’s punch flies past Arya’s head. The other mummy loses its arm as its punch misses.. Arya flees from the mummy and is followed by Jerome who crowbars the doors shut.

The mummies start beating on the door and at the other door a wraith appears, blocking our exit.

Tosscobble unlocks the next door with ease as Book commands the wraith to grovel and then flees to the door along with the rest of the party. This room looks like an armoury, the party collects some pretty rusty maces as a mummy appears at the door we’ve just come through.

Book again commands the mummy and it flees, the wraith comes through the door, Jerome fails to unlock the door.

Book forsee’s that Tosscobble will unlock the door and low and behold he does. The party flees into a new treasure room as the wraith moves to attack Seatbelt. Arya steps in and calling upon her god, uses her divine power to smite the wraith with her radiant glaive, killing it in one hit before heading out through the next door.

We hear that the door from the first Mummy room smash, meaning the mummies have broke through into the wraiths room.

The bell dings and an undead beholder appears. Tosscobble fumbles the lock, dropping his lockpicks in his haste to unlock the dooor. Jerome whips them up and unpicks the lock and goes straight through the door, whilst Seatbelt and Arya bundle the last of the party through, although Arya doesn’t make it through in one go and is charmed by the Eye Tyrant.

Seatbelt tricks Araya by telling her the simirals are in here, which convinces Araya to move throug into the room. This turns out to be a safe room.

As Book moves to the walls. Melkor the blind appears in the wingback chair and welcomes us and offers us food.

Book extols Melkor if he can take anything back to the tower of necromancy, which book agrees to do. Melkor asks him to take his black dragon claw staff to the tower of necromancy. Melkor is offered three spell scrolls.

Seatbelt asks where the best loot is…. The spell room is suggested. Melkor decides to reward us with a bag of holding. He also gives Book his diary and his black robes of necromancy.

It is decided that Arya is blinded and has a rope tied around her in case there is a trap. Seatbelt is sent in blindfolded and goes in to see if it’s there. He finds it and is severely burnt by the silmirals.

To the Tower of Divination

Arthur is the King and it goes down to regional leaders ….. Key members of Albion society.

Mordacai is going to provide us with

Palinor is becoming the high paladin of the country in a fortnight and we are invited.

Seatbelt Izekial’s sentient sword is mildly disgruntled as the party no longer has the all knowing eldarin Rock.

Book tells us about the message he received.
The message says that if we go to the Tower of Divination, Book will have to take a test.

Book reads the sheet and is blown across the room by the protection on the scroll. However it looks like the scroll shows that

Mordacai and Swanneck are distantly related. We tell them about the links on the list. Mordecai is going to send our his special service people (the Harper’s and the bards)

The party goes shopping for healing potions and buys 5 potions.

The tower of divination

The tower of divination has good neutral and evil in them to keep them balanced, the towers of the various schools hate each other. They don’t tend to get involved in day to day affairs.

We travel for several days through the cold and the snow . The journey is uneventful.
We arrive at the foot of a large ivory tower .

At the bottom of the cliff face we see a campfire burning. The party sends Book ahead and is hailed by name and is asked if he is here to take the test.

Elinor is head of. divination.

We head towards the door

“The journey to this point is not so worthy of memory as the journey from it.”

Into the tower of divination

The party reorders into standard marching order, Tosscobble moves to the front and is hit BT a lightning bolt., by standing on a magical pressure pad.

Book casts Mage hand as his test it on the Lightning pressure pad. The party ends up jumping across, the bard dies. We pour a ressurection potion down his throat and bring him back to life.

The party continues with Mage hand detecting the traps. Seatbelt comes up with the idea of putting his rope on the traps, allowing it to not reset. The party crosses safely. A solid iron door closes solidly behind us.

We come around the corner and have a 5 foot chasm in behind an arrow trap. Book recognises the chasm as an illusion, but Seatbelt discovers that the chasm has a lightning trap.
The party crawls under the arrow trap, seatbelt sorts out the Lightning bolt trap and we continue on. Arya triggers the magic bolt trap.

We come around the corner and see an eye, Book waves at it and a fireball rushes down, Arya dives to the ground and avoids the fireball as it passes overhead, burning many many of the party behind.

We back round the corner and test it out. Arya tests it out by crawling under it. This is successful and the party follows on.

The water trap.

The next trap causes the corridor to flood, the party flees down the corridor, some of the party are caught by iron hands, Arya easily breaks the first one, but is caught by another. Book magic missiles the rock, the gnome creates a snorkel with his flute.

Fortunately the party gets past this and the water recedes before the smallest of the party don’t drown.

The writing over the door at the end says “the past is the key to the future.” It then opens.

Arya tells the party that this route will be the same path as what we have just done. Seatbelt fires a crossbow bolt…. It keeps going and disappears. At the far end a large Orc appears.

We taunt it and it starts charging towards the party , as it gets closer we can see that it has an amulet, which is glowing as it charges towards us.

The party opens up with ranged weapons on the Orc. It comes up as the fighter types tell Book to get out the way so they can get to the Orc. Saul, sings to the Orc, incapacitating it.

Book’s Mage hand moves outside of the path and triggers another Uraki to come into the fight.

The first Orc is killed off, Arya moves forward to hold off the next attack., the Orc charges up to her as Mylo gets the amulet off the dead Orc. Seatbelt moves into assist Arya against the new Uraki Orc.

Saul inspires Seatbelt to greater heights and distracts the Uraki from hitting Seatbelt. Tosscobble steps outside of the corridor and disappears.

Book realises that Tosscobble has been teleported away someone .

The Uraki fumbles and tops himself, Arya and and Seatbelt put him out of his misery and passes the amulet to Book. The party discusses whether Book should just teleport out. It is his test after all.

A White robed wizard comes up to Book and tells him he has passed. Book is still suspicious . However the rest of the party allay his concerns.

The Council of Three.

Elinar the White
Astidius the red
Dalamar.the black

Arya greets them and thanks them for their hospitality. And the chance to pit our skills against their traps and pits.

The simiralLes…. Neil will send the copy over.

Only the righteous can touch the simirals. We get the map to

It is foreseen that we do not kill the black dragon we realised.

The sword was forged before the separation of the eldarin and the Elven race. It appears to be a guardian sword, it is a lawful neutral sword and will never need sharpening. Don’t be alarmed, but if you go contrary to its mission it will possess you.

Getting the stone back is a good one, but we would have to defeat the golems. This is not a good idea.

On the hunt for the simirals

Arya speaks with the Elven paladin. Insert name here, about getting the tears of an Elven maiden. She is up for that following some great convincing from Arya. Arya collects the tears in a vial. Mission Accomplished, the first part of Odin’s quest is complete.

The party then goes to get horses, lady Swanneck gives the party a horse. We equip up with materials and warm gear.

Before leaving Swanneck tells us there has been no patrols or news from Ebrocoram. Please speak to Mordacai to reestablish communications.

The journey

A days march away is the border, and there will be an inn or border guard. Two days away is the two tubs Inn, the place to stop for day two.

The Tower of Divination is the party’s destination, as they seek more information about achieving the rest of Odin’s Quest.

We leave at first light heading into snow storms and deep drifting snow. After a while we enter the pine forests and whilst hard work it’s not difficult.

The party comes around the road to a bridge, which marks the border. As the party walks across the bridge they notice some orcs camping in the road.

The party backs off and ties up the horse, before sneaking up and beating the daylights out of the orcs. Herome takes 2 out with single hits, Arya takes one down when it tries to flee.

One of the prisoners is a young teenager called Dacre tied up.

Dacre had been coming from White bay to Ebrocrium. His father had forged a holy avenger for Mordacai’s head paladin, Palinor of the platinum dragon.

Anything of value is taken by the group. The last time the orc guards were changed was about three days ago. Dacre did hear something about a place called Angel farm.

The party agree they must go and recover the sword for Mordacai and his paladin at first light tomorrow.

The party camp slightly away from the road for the night. During Arya’s watch that night, Ursa, comes and chats to Arya before departing again. George knows of him, he is one guardians of the forest and is a werebear.

Day 2

The party heads down the road and into the forest. Travelling along for some time until a turn off in the road is found. The halfling and the ranger are sent to scout ahead.

They return and brief the party. Angel Farm lies at the end of the road. There are a number of orcs there, but it looks achievable for the party to overcome them. A plan is made.

Angel Farm

The small people stealthily sneak around the back, create an illusion of snow so that the orcs can’t see them cutting through the window to get the sword. Mylo starts cutting through the leather with his dagger and can see through.

Peering through the window Mylo can see a slight figure inside taking notes, the figure has a dark gray complexion and white hair. There are swords and scimitars on the wall, there is a box on the floor. Mylo recognises the creature as an eldarin.

The other room is a store room.

Fortunately two orcs are sent off to change the guard. The short people return to inform the party of what they have found and are then sent back to shoot the eldarin. They stealthily make a snow platform for shooting.

The cleric casts a silence spell. The small people shoot through the window at the eladrin, who casts darkness and shoots at the small person hitting him with the crossbow bolt. Grumb hits him with a cross bow bolt with a well aimed shot through the door. The silence spell means no alarm has been raised yet

The eldarin desperately starts scribbling on the floor as Jerome comes around the corner and fires at him. Arya realises the drow is going to try and escape, fires and misses.

Mylo comes back around and critically stabs the Eldarin, killing him.

Mylo picks up the Holy Avenger, documents and other stuff. Passing it out the window to Jerome. They bring it back to where the party is. Mission accomplished… or is it?

A quick conflab and it is agreed to go back and finish off the rest of the orcs so they can’t hold the road to ransom.

During the ensuing battle the war chieftain eventually realises something is wrong and comes out his hut at speed, arrows and crossbow bolts bouncing off his armour. Arya move to intercept and misses with her glaive. However the orc wizard steps out of the hut and gets smacked by Arya instead.

The Orc wizard takes a pounding and then tries to flee by whacking Mylo to one side and fleeing from the melee. Grumb fires a crossbow bolt after him as it flees into the trees.

The chieftain hits Jerome quite hard. Grumb goes after the Orc cleric.

Arya steps in and finishes off the chieftain and turns to see the Grumb fleeing out the door. He stops running , turns around yells his battle cry and charges back in again. Strange.

Mylo sneaks in fires his crossbow bolt and critically wounds the Orc priest. Arya moves the lightsabre into sabre mode strides into the shed after the cleric and is blinded, along with Mylo and the priest. oops. A game of blind mans bluff continues for a while, until it finally surrendars

We interrogate the Orc, to find out what he knows. The drow is Beshai or Derek.

Treasure found
2 finely balanced scimitars

We collect 1500gps, a pendent with a spider emblem on it. There are two folding crossbows with 20 sleeping potion crossbow bolts on them. Grumb and Jerome take one each.

The documents are are written in drow.

We head off cross country and hide our tracks so the wizard and the two remaining orcs can’t find us.

We arrive at the Last Drop Inn to stay overnight. We guard the Orc , but on Mylo’s watch he is put to sleep and escapes with his colleague. Much to the party’s bitterness.


the following day the party arrives at Eberorcorium, and are granted an audience with Mordacai the bastard.

During the meeting we are granted the freedom of the city, but to let him know before we leave.

We also meeti with Palinor of the Platinum Dragon who is extremely grateful for rescuing his sword and gives the party 300pp each.

During our time in the city the party finds out more about the scimitars.They never blunt, but have some form of drow Magic which is not recognised by Grumb. They are worth 100 gp each.

The armour is magical and defends as plate but at chain weight. It is worth 9000gp. The boots are magical and provide +2 to stealth and are worth 2000gp. And are sold.

The small people and the cleric buy a wagon, Arya buys a riding horse.

The paperwork is given to Mordecai, who returns some of it to us to see if we can read it


Sources of ancient information:

Brass Dragon
Although weaker than many other varieties of dragonkind, brass dragons are still powerful creatures by any measure. They have a strong mercenary streak and often agree to serve as guardians or battle champions for anyone willing to pay suitably well.
Physically, the brass dragon is highly distinctive. From below, its outstretched wings form a triangular shape, as they are attached to its body all the way to the tip of its tail. The wings are longest at the shoulder, and taper gently as they reach the tail. Their scales seem to radiate heat and light. The shape of the head is quite unusual, as it includes a large, curved plate that extends from the dragon’s eyes and cheeks on either side and curves upwards into two points, much like a plowshare. They have two sharp horns on the chin, which become steadily pointier as the dragon ages. They smell like hot, oiled metal.
Brass dragon eggs must be incubated in a nest of open flames. Incubation takes approximately 480 days. The eggs are typically tended by both parents, so that they can talk together as they maintain their vigil. A new hatched brass wyrmling is not remarkable in appearance; its scales are a dull brown. The scales become lighter and more brilliant as the dragon matures. Brass wyrmlings probably learn to talk more quickly than the young of any other sentient species. They talk constantly about anything and everything, and they will talk to anybody: friends, family, enemies, small creatures that cannot talk back, or even to itself if nobody else is near. When exposed to a new language, a brass wyrmling will usually become fluent in under an hour. Though they have an extremely deadly breath weapon, they are more fragile than other dragons. As a result, they make alliances with small groups of intelligent creatures, such as tribes of nomadic dragonborn.
As it matures, a brass dragon adds a love of fire to its love of speech. They can stare into burning flames for hours, entranced by their beauty. Older brass dragons often become discouraged with the world, believing that others are ruining it. Yet as they mature, they seem to accept the follies of the world, and may even donate some of their treasures to aid a cause they believe to be worthy. Ancient brass dragons are some of the best – and most willing – sources of advice in the entire Prime Material Plane.
The brass dragon prefers to dig its lair inside a desert peak or spire. They also prefer to have their lairs face eastwards, so that the rising sun will warm the lair for the bulk of the day. A brass dragon’s lair is well-constructed and quite extensive, with many twisting corridors and dead ends to confuse and discourage hostile intruders. The centerpiece of any brass dragon’s lair is the Grand Conversation Hall, where it spends the majority of its time entertaining friends and visitors. A typical lair will also contain an elegant foyer, a gallery for the artwork the dragon has collected, a sleeping chamber, and a storage room. All brass dragon lairs have several small entrances, known as bolt holes. These multiple entrances allow a brass dragon to easily escape an attack by a blue dragon or other predator.

Oracle of Delphi:

Delphi is an important ancient Greek religious sanctuary sacred to the god Apollo. Located on Mt. Parnassus near the Gulf of Corinth, the sanctuary is home to the famous oracle of Apollo which gave cryptic predictions and guidance to both city-states and individuals
Whilst always correct the method of delivering prophecy in a obtuse fashion often results in the meaning revealing itself after the evnt.

The Towers of High Sorcery:

Abjuration: Glastonbury Tor
Conjuration: Newdun
Divination: Eboracurum
Enchantment: Tor Nan Og
Evocation: Caer Death
Illusion; Island of Manannan mac Lir
Necromancy: Island of Wights
Transmutation: Glen of Coe

Back into the Neal world

We arrive back into our world to find that it’s very very cold. We realise that this isn’t the season we left. It is most likely 4 months later.

Visibility is very limited, but all the trees have been cut down, there is deep snow all around us.. There are huts further down, with dim fire light coming out from the gaps.

The bunch of bastards get to the edge of the cliff and jump. Mica casts feather fall on the party , they arrive safely..

We retreat into a cave light a fire and rest .

The next day we find that lord melchard died in the night. We take his weapons and armour and 300gps. And give him his last rites.

Looking out over the town we can see a shanty town has grown up outside long .Barrow by sea.

The gonme scouts out to get the horses, but is spotted by the guards, he goes up to have breakfast and finds out that they are waiting for the renegades who kidnapped lord Melchard. They have a bounty of 10,000gps, it’s only available to the militia not the general bounty hunters..
The shanty town has build up of dragon hunters, who will get 100,000gp if they can get the dragon back dead.
Elves and barbarians are now living in the shanty town.

We decide to leave the cave around dusk , but are spotted by one of the guards who is walking down. Mica suggest that we are not the droids he is looking for, we wander down with the guard to the horses. We exchange banter before he goes back up the hill.
The party borrow four of Lady Swan neck’s horses on city business. And we head out into the swamp heading to the campsite.
During Arya shift the cyclops Polyphemus appears, area gives him something to eat and a blanket, he eats and goes to sleep, before departing later.
We ride towards the town, tie the horses up and walk into the shanty town.
Looking around we notice that there are quite a few dragon hunters, orcs, dwarves, elves.. Mica is sent off to get some tents.
He discovers the bar

Elves are Arian and Inglorian two swords, who is a paladin. Brags lot nor and brag lol cleric the wizard sisters.

Dagger white beard, rhodric the pissed

Lights on eleven. Mythology before the sun and the moon which were captured in jewels and the elves will know more..

The portals are grouped in groups of fours, go through one and they will have all have changed. There are different levels of portals, we went to a top level portal in Asgard , Olympus and other places.
Elven and eldarin tech can’t go past the gollums. The eldarin are also known as the dark eleves, drop.

Quote the creation story in the simulation by Tolkien
Venus, one into the fiery abyss and one was lost into the oceans. Light captured. They are holiest item of the Elven race. The elves no longer seek them.

We get changed into town guards, the Wizards shop has been inherited by another.

People are proud of lady swan neck and dislike the red guard.
On the front gates of the castle, there is a single red guard standing outside, he is projecting authority
From the gate to the gardens of the castle will take 25 minutes of where we can see the window for lady swan neck which is on the third floor which is 40 feet.
It will take an assail 5 mins.

We make it out without being caught.
We discuss the plan for a long time, which is to be changed into guards and .
There are 4 red branch and Boris and the doppelgänger going to do the speech.
On the door are a couple militia, who we get past.
There is a red branch on the door, who we persuade that he needs to go the loo, which he does eventually, we unlock the door. Mylo breaks his lockpick, but manages to retrieve it and lock the door..

The door lock clicks, the red guard and lady swan neck walks in. The wizard casts web which catches the red guard, but not the doppelgänger .
The orb of silence is in effect. Area lainches her bow and hits the doppelgänger , Mylo and hero me, both hit the doppelgänger and it starts to fluctuate in now it looks.
Mica blinds the red guard, as Arya goes in and smiles the doppelgänger as she drops to one knee..
Gerome launches a thorn strike against the big red guard, which kills the doppelgänger, whose faces change through lord melchard, script utter, lady swan neck and finishes on Mylo.
Mica steps up and his burning hands removes the web and burns the red guard.
Arya strikes twice with her glaive and again as he steps into hit Arya, fumbles and stabs himself.

The return of the princess

We pull up the beach where the others
We hide our boat and scupper there.
We agree to take out the red team in the cave, the group sneaks up to the trees and then uses ranged weapons, if it fails then mica will cast sleep.

Arya blesses the party and then the party fires arrows and darts at the resting guard
2 arrows hit and. 1 miss the sleep spell fails and he jumps off the cliff and charges towards the Arya. Swinging wildly at her but missing. Arya’s return blow miss and a ray of frost slows the brute down. Saul casts hold person on him and the party keeps hitting him, which doesn’t kill him. The Red branch brute staggers back to his feet and swipes at the retreating halfling, before smacking the paladin. It is a massive strike, heavily damaging Arya . Mylo pushes the brute back 10 feet with as thunder wave rolls out across the bay.

Arya plays a blinding defensive game waving her glaive around the brute to keep it distracted from the party.

Mica cats burning hands and the creature mutates into a bigger rippled beast with no armour and is taken out by Saul wispering sweet nothings. Mica dissects the enemy and the ranger surmises that the rage takes over he changes into the beast. Mylo sneaks up to the cave and see’s the is an egg timer showing we have an hour before the guard is changed. There is some stuff here and there is a big heavy door at the back of the cave.

We walk up the well lit spiral stairs to the first level where there are a number of chests and barrels. One of them turns out to be a mimic monster, Arya shoots it with an arrow and it cowers in the corner. There is a out 80k of gps.

We get to the top of the stairs with a door opening onto the corridor with lots of people running past.

We open the door to see lady swan neck surrounded by the Redbranch. The daughter runs in shouting mummy, mummy. Which means Arya has to keep walking in behind her. Lady swan neck indicates that she has paid the Redbranch mercenaries to protect the castle and village. We give back the daughter and are told we will discuss rewards when the battle is over.

Mica tells the queen that scrot cutter kidnapped her daughter . She dispatches some of the Redbranch to execute him.

The party is sent to the main get to throw out the enemy and close the gate to prevent reinforcements.

Boris comes with us. Arya, Mylo and Jerome take to the ramparts, while the others head down the street behind Boris to get the magic potions.

The top group is after the archers.

Boris take a couple of hits from the soldiers as he goes into the magic shop, leaving the soldiers attacking him to focus on attacking Saul.

Saul clears the killing zone so Mica can toast the enemy, which he duly does.

The swordsman fighting Arya stuns her with a mighty blow, before succumbing to Mylo’s arrow.

The battle is won and the portcullis is closed, only After Arya goes through the roof and the bard and the wizard.

Saul tells the group except Mica that Boris killed his mentor. We go up to see lady swan neck. And tell. Her about the secret door and the dureags , she is keen to send us back to explore the secret door. We ask for any supplies and go to the mages store to get some stuff, which we get. On the way back we are acknowledged by the township and are getting a reputation as hero’s. On the way in we are beckoned into a separate room. By Lady Swanneck she says she is concerned that captain Melchard is a shape shifter of some kind and is working on a way to get rid of him

We are seeking evidence of Eldrid in the area, taking lord Melchard will lead the way.

Two hours later we meet at the gate take Melchard take him around to the cove convince him that we need to go by sea as it is quicker. The party race up the stairs to check the gold and find that all the chests a locked and trapped and weigh 7 and half tonnes, so we can’t move them. We head back downstairs and across the sea

There is a fraction of a second when she thinks about this and says I believe you are mistaken as it wasn’t me.

His nick name as a child was pee pants.

The party steps through into an eldarin hall. The wizard deducts that we have stepped through a portal into another world.

Arya falls through into a pit trap. The party then ropes up and moves slowly through the hall and avoid falling down again

We get down to the statues and see that the eyes glow red of we get to close….

The golems are stone and hard. Mica asks her

Lady swan neck is being held in her private chamber in the secret chamber behind the bookshelf"
The eldarin are our enemy. We have 12 months to return with the tear of an eleven maiden and the light that shone from the trees that existed before the sun and moon.

The dragon and the demon

We meet at the dragon and demon

There is a matching set of high elves, the local blacksmith, some adventurers and some watchmen.

Mica has spent some time with the stone and that it does have a personality,

Nicklas sword is confused and is emphatic

The guardsmen are giving him dirty looks and then go over and chat. The guard are going with scrot, who is a slaver. Nicklas intimidates the guardsmen who leave.

Mica discovers that the stone is an old library stone and that to find more Abercorum. The mage advises that he should go to caerdydd, which is where the school of divination is.

Abercorum is 4 days away, the last inn is on the west road out.

The party have been following rumours of dragons. They found burnt villages but no dragons, they lost a few party members. The fought several members of the red branch… Barbarians. They’re heading south.

While we are chatting a messenger comes in and tells us to report to the commanders office immediately . He is slightly corrupt and specist and a distant cousin to lady swan beck.

We walk into the office, which has several heads on the wall trolls, orcs etc. he doesn’t look up for a while.

The baroness is worried about the elderin. We keep any loot and pull 5gp a day,

The sword is perplexed and happy, but we.

We head north and see a campfire, where we’re expecting to camp. The ranger is sent off to investigate. There are some humans guards, with 6-8 chained barbarians and about 13 people in total.

We speak to them, Arya is slightly besotted with the leader, who is called scrot.

We move on and camp, the wizard summons his raven.

Jerome picks up some goblin tracks and we head off. The raven tells us that there is an encampment.

The raven and the gnome reckon there are a maximum of eight goblins. The goblins seem to be more organised than we would expect. They all have short bows.

The wizard is going to cast sleep. 4 goblins go to sleep Arya throws a spear and kills the first goblin. Nicklas, charges and misses….twice.

Two magic missiles shoot across the field and take out the goblin which is fleeing. Another one appears from one of the caves and takes a crossbow through the head from Jerome.

Saul wakes one of the goblins which flees, Arya misses and Jerome shoots it with a crossbow.

Arya discovers an ogre in the last cave, she stabs it with the galaive and the wizard sends in a magic missile.

Arya crits the ogre in capacitating it and setting it on fire. Nick las misses again. Jerome and Saul fire missiles connecting with the ogre. A ray of frost cools the ogre down. Jerome crits the ogre and kills it. He then interrogates the goblin, it appears that it is clear that there.

We find 57 GPs, 30 silver and 10 copper. 3 quartz crystals, 2 moonstones and five pieces of Amber and an Elven designed decanter of liquid.

The wizard identifies the decanter as one of endless water. After a short rest we head over to the Wizards tower. We rest in the tower safely overnight, although a drunken guard invites Arya for a drink, which she politely declines.

The next day we head to short barrow. And arrive to find a giant skull which has burn holes from the outside. There is a dragon statue and demon facing off.

The sword is nervous/worried.

The history of this area is 1000s of yrs ago the Eldridge fought the humans for supremacy, the humans aligned with the dragons and the elderin summoned demons on their side. The Eldrid stayed. No one knows what happened to the dragons and the demons.
Mica asked the stone about it. This area is an old Eldrid demon summoning area.

Some dragons fought for humanity, the metallics fought for humananity, the chromatic s on the other side.

The area radiates evil and magic. The hedges are portals of some description. Mica walks through the portal and 4 skeletons and a Wight appear out of nowhere.

Jerome attacks the skeleton with his swords and hits it. Arya throws her spear at the Wight and misses, before heading into battle. The wizard protects himself. The Nicklas heads in and smites a skeleton. As second skeleton fumbles its attack, allowing Nicklas to get an extra attack in.

The Wight flashes its ring at Arya, stunning her. The bard heads in and sings to the Wight.

The battle rages, Nicklas is struck down by a skeleton, killing him. The bard stands up to the bard, who plays a power chord of thunder killing two skeletons. Jerome nimbly st so aside from the fumbling skeleton to strike the Wight.

The wizard pours a potion down the fighters throat while his mage armour fends off the attack from the skeleton. This brings around Nicklas who gets up to hit the skeleton. As an encore the bard curses the enemy and inhibits its ability to.

Arya leaps into action, charging up the stairs and smites the Wight with a divine smite, killing it. This kills the skeletons.

The skeletons.

The Wight had a long sword of black glass, a ring with onyx, which Arya detects as evil. A further search reveals a half buried chest of 30gps, a spell scroll, a wand, and a huge blue sapphire the size of Leavys fist.

Inside the skull are 5 sarcophagi, with the lists removed. The wizard and the paladin climb in through an eyeball.

We withdraw to the treeline and rest the night. Nicklas goes through the henge…. The dragons stone shape falls off. Nicklas then runs through the henge, which causes the demon to crumble. There is an epic battle, which the dragon wins.who is Askor the black, a minor player in the days of the Great War.

Nicklas speaks to the dragon, while Arya cringes in terror. He tells the dragon that there is food to the north,

We get back to the city and discover that lady swan necks heir has been kidnapped. We head back and see the boss. We show him the skulls and provide proof, he is skeptical of our dragon sighting.

Nicklas speaks a good talk of our escapades, sending the dragon north to eat goblins.

We head out and sell stuff

40gp for the demon horn

We head off to see our people to find out about the kidnapping.

Nicklas speaks to his mate, who gives us the low down…. Happened the day after we left. … About the time that scrot would have come through. No one went in or out the night before.

Jerome is sent to do some tracking and Nicklas goes up to the room to see what there is. The is no signs of a struggle and no clothes missing.
After a long search Jerome find footprints are found that are carrying a weight. Humanoid boot prints is what they are.

We head south and after a day’s travel we find Scrot’s abandoned and stripped wagon. We discover that the party has swapped to horses. Jonk the raven is sent up to see if they can see if anything. The horse tracks keep heading to the Copper hills, and we follow after them. The horses have fled as fast as they can.

We eventually arrive at the dwarven city of Copper hills. We discover the dwarves don’t deal in slaves….. And scrot cutter hasn’t been there in months and months.

We head back up the road to look for the hoof prints…. We find they have indeed left the road and heading off the path into the swamp area. The raven is recalled and sent out to scout the land. The raven spots a staging post where there is a staging post, with 18 horses and a stable boy. He is a chatty bloke and tells us that Scrot is up at the old Dunn. Nicklas

Adventurers Assemble

We are responsible for each other

Long barrow by sea is run by Baroness Swan neck. She is pragmatic.

We are part of the Coritani tribe, ruled by Modeci the Bastard in Ebarorcurum.

Mica is keen to go to the Mage tower, which has had a reputation of evil and magic.

Arya and Jerome head off to the shop to get a healing potion. After speaking to the shop keeper he gives us a potion of healing on credit when we return.

Mica discovers that the mage tower is one of the few remaining buildings remaining from ancient times. No body has got through the front door, appears to be made of fused glass. In the SW is a foul swamp full of moss ies and bog trolls.

Mainly glory seekers and salty Mitty types are

Arya fails to secure a boat and we have to go overland.

We spot that there are 4 goblins about an hours walk ahead of us. After a discussion the goblins reappear and attack.
They fire arrows at us and Arya completes putting on her lipstick before cleaving in two the first goblin. Jerome knocks the other one over as Mica takes a mortal wound from an arrow.

Mica fires 3 magic missiles at one of the goblins blowing it to bits.

Saul runs after the fleeing goblin and throws his dart at it, which strikes it. Arya runs after it kills it with her spear.

The goblins have a bag of mushroom and 4 cps.

We agree to move on a stop later. The weather is getting worse.

We set up camp in the driving rain. Arya.

Mica lights a fire with burning hands. After around a half day we come over a rise and see the dead mage’s tower. Raven is sent off to scout. It disappears

The tower is more like a bunker than a magic tower. As we get closer we notice the door is ajar.

The tower has scorch marks but no dents. Mica now knows it is from the ancient empire. He does sense that there is a an ancient artifacts and Arya notices there is some evil.

Down the corridor it is misty and green glows. It is large wide corridor at the end of the corridor is a locked. Milo opens the lock with one hand behind his back, inside there is a pile of bodies, one of which we use to keep the door open. The bodies have been dismembered, incinerated and stabbed.

The opposite door opens ominously and in the doorway is a figure with a staff and a dead raven appears.

The wizard casts a spell and appears to glow, which appears to be mage armour as mica does the same to himself.

The halfling fires between area’so legs and receives a fireball in return. Arya closes hits the wizard who is hurt, she tells him to stand down, he flees, she hits and kills him.

We find a wand and two daggers.

The party heads down the corridor to another room with a red light.

The wizard was working on summoning something.

Mull discovers a trap, which he fails to deactivate, but triggers the arrow trap. This knocks the thief unconscious, who is given the potion of healing to bring him round.

We come into the Wizards room which has 4 chests in the corner, a large iron key, and three potions which are pink and sparkly. There is a bookshelf with 5 books and three scrolls.

Mica finds the Wizards spell book and manages to avoid the Lightning bolt that defends the book.

The spell book has light, mage hand and prestidigitation and detect magic, mage armour, magic missile, suggestion, misty step, counter spell, fireball, fly.

We rest and eat the Wizards food.

The rocks are all the same size and shape. We clear the rocks and discover a cross roads. The is still a green glow which is brighter.

Arya gets stuck and the boys fumble with her, before she wriggles out. We head down the corridor into a large room and find a large green room with a large chest in it.

Milo unlocks the chest, but can’t open it, the big couple open the chest, and Mylo lifts it out.

Mica does an identify spell on it. It appears to be linked to divination and prophecy, he tells us that it is an answer stone.

Back up to the cross roads we see a sarcophagus, there are glyphs on the side which we can’t read.

A heavy blade swings across seriously wounding Arya and Nicolas, they heal themselves.

Nicolas Herts the sword and feels it come to life, it is very well balanced. After discussion we agree to remove the sword and armour. Arya reconsoncreates. The

We get safely back to the road, without seeing any goblin tracks. We see some humanoid tracks heading up to the small barrow.

In the middle of the night Arya is attacked by a wild boar. Jerome wakes to the scuffle and calms the boar down and it leaves without further ado.

The answer stone is an artifact. It will respond to the best of its ability. We discover the potions are potions of resurrection there are three.

The plate armour is returned to the baroness. She gives us all 50 gp + 11 gp and 5 silver


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