In search of Amma Amna Enu
The dwarven city

The party agree to go and try and make contact with the dwarves of Amma Amna Enu.

It looks like the best way to do it will be sail north.

Brian Blood axe is the king of the dwarves.

The head of the city is Corig Cragsguard, known to his friends as Cliff. The home of mithril mines. Communications shut off no physical or magic

.A city of 7 layers and population of 15000 dwarven souls. A white wyrm has been rumoured. Going through

Potion of water breathing…1200 gp

Jerome recalls what he knows about white dragons
- breath weapon of cold
Not very clever,
Quite primal of all the dragons
Don’t fight strategically, just come and eat you.
Immune to cold.

The route may be rough and treacherous. There will be pirates.. Many attacks will be enchantments and illusions.


The boats will only take us as far as Druid isle. We stock up. We find one with 20 crew members.

Arya is happy with the state of the boat and its sea faring worthiness. The heroes are given free passage if they work as the defence.

Eggsy and Jerome are very sea sick,. Eggsy is very seas sick.

The third day there is a change in the weather, the captain starts baton in down the hatches and shortening the sails.

The heroes land at Anglesey on Druid Isle..

The Druids are happy to loan the heroes a skiff and are happy to get it back when it gets back.

As the skiff heads over to the island a pod of dolphins circles and escorts the heroes to the island.

As we approach the rocky cliffs there is a natural harbour and a beach. Arya offers her blessing to the ground.

A tall woman approaches the heroes, she is tall and has a slight silver tinge to the skin. She is dressed she says th are no weapons allowed on the island, they can be left in the cave.

Jerome stays behind and we head into the cave and we are handed over to a water elemental. The walls are semi translucent, finned figures can be seen swimming around.

Further down we enter into a huge audience chamber. The walls and columns and walls all appear to be liquid, but we can walk on them.

At the end of the audience chamber is a huge throne in the shape of a breaking wave. Sat on it is a slight figure, with a crown and trident. it is Arya’s deity Manannán mac Lir.

He greets her and tells her

" You will go beyond the pillars of Hercules , we will be successful in the dwarven kingdom."

He also tells Eggsy “You will see Egypt again.”

The bard is told to harden up. “Get good”

For Jerome…. This is the catastrophe you dreamt of. If you fail so does the natural world..

Other transport is arranged by Mannanman Mac Lir o the now. The wall opens and the water parts and there is a tunnel to the northern shore .

Jerome blinked and the skiff has been returned. And he is on the northern beach. There is a horn on the beach, which Arya blows and a wave forms…. It’s the bow wave from a dragon turtle…. Our transport to the north. Saul is quite frightened, but eventually gets on. Arya is very excited about this. They board the dragon turtle.

A bit like this

The tempature starts to drop as they head north, a bit colder than normal for this time of year.

The dragon turtle lands us on the beach and Arya says thank you to the creature before it departs.

Return to Camelot

The night passes uneventfully.
Inestimable Crighton patrols during the night and reports that there are 4 floating bollocks outside.

Boris knows where the gates are. The next one if fields of golden wheat. We abondoned the two headed dragon corpse.

The heroes charge out through the portal and only Saul and Arya only appear. Across the other side they can see Jerome and another person….. And what look like a lot of mummies and zombies and some other being.

This appears to be a large room, there is a large heavy door. Arya ties to go across quietly, and fails completely. The creature at the top notices her, as Saul moves silently and swiftly to reunite with Jerome and the dog headed creature who it turns out is called Eggsy who is shouting that he is after the Mummy Lord, who quickly silences him.

Jerome runs out of the zone of silence and casts a zone of silence on the Mummy Lord, as Arya fires her explosive arrows hitting the first mummy. Eggsy moves over to Arya and turns undead, destroying many of the wights and causing half the mummies to flee

The Mummy Lord floats down and speaks a swarm of locusts in and around Eggsy, Saul and Arya..

Saul gates himself and Arya up to the Mummy Lord and Arya starts cutting chunks out of the creature., turns around and punches the Paladin very very hard…. And then does it again., knocking Arya out. She collapses to the ground as Jerome rushes up the stairs to join in the fray., he strikes and strikes again, the mummy Lord screams and as it disappears says to Jerome " I curse you with my dying breath. I will find you and you will die.

Eggsy revives and heals Arya and then the heroes go looking for the heart of the mummy.

Arya pulls one of the torches and it clicks,Eggsy pulls the rest of the block out, on which there is A pot and jar, containing the heart of the mummy.. Eggsy takes it out and offers thanks to the god Annubis.

In the other three chests, which open with the key. There are 14,000 go and 2,100 pp, a simple chime, a pair of glasses and a small tube of what appears to be oil and a potion container with potion.

The heart is burnt.

The glasses are eyes of minute seeing and oil of etherealness and a potion of gaseous form. Saul claims the chime of opening.

The next gate is down 10 feet and we go they the go through into the door into the library where the paladin was dead. We load up the dead paladin and step back into Camelot

We rest up on the dragon inn. We then go back to see King Arthur.

We enter a large room with a high vaulted ceiling and many tapestries on the wall.

Sat on. A large wooden table are several Knights, Merlin, King Arthur, Guinnevre, Beniverve and several.

Neil to send through co py&&&&&&&&!!!!

The party agree to go north to find the dwarven city of Umbridge???

After the meeting King Arthur

Wishing our lives away

The genie in the lamp says we have three wishes.

There are three gates in the throne room and he will tell us which gate to go through. We decide to go through quietly.

Tower goes through first after the genie says this is the portal that will take you closer to the crystal room..

The next portal is a smaller dimension, self contained area the walls are like a bubble, shifting patterns… Almost empty. There is only one wall that isn’t bubbly. 300 feet up is a door. The floor is a slippery slime that is adhesive. The are three or four caves. Mist is coming up out of area. The small is sort of mouldy

There is a bubbling green stream running underneath….. Out of one of the caves floats a pink bollock shaped thing.. Which we talk to, the bollock licks the sorcerer who is mildly disgusted. Arya goes first, then Tower then Saul…. Then the beholder dream, for that is what it is turns nasty and stuns the sorcerer before sticking the stunned sorcerer. The Assasin run s and jumps off the wall, feather falling as he goes to the sorcerers aid, whilst the paladin and the bard dimension doors himself and the paladin back down next to the bollock, her glaive sinks into its side as it casts a green stinking cloud, which causes the bard to start retching, the sorcerer is still stunned and attached to the bollock. Arya continues to slash at it with her light sabre.

The bollock now licks the sorcerer sticking its tongue into its ear before rising up away from the ground. Arya flails vainly at it as it rises out of reach. An arrow flies in from Tower stunning the bollock. It drops back down towards the prepared paladin who strikes at it again. Another arrow flies in striking deep into the creature. Arya says to the creature release my friends or you’ll get some more. The creature flings the sorcerer and the bard off itself and flies to the corner, indicating the way out. Arya draws her bow and seeks reassurance before Tower confirms there is a portal here.

The heroes go through the portal into the Crystal room.

The crystal room

The cavern has crystals, three glow with a metal aura. Mordred is bent over a crystal and appears in mistress.

All of Mordred’s guards are bound and Mordred appears in the control of a Mindflayer. Two drow, a wizard and a fighter with a goblin guard and 4 spiders.

We open the gig with Saul shouting good morning to the underworld…. Here’s Saul, there’s fireworks and spotlights. The sorcerer hastes the paladin and Tower, Tower heads off to release the red guard.. He goes straight past the spider and releases the first red guard. An ice storm rains down on the drow and the goblins..

Arya looses off three exploding arrows and kills the drow wizardj as the goblins flee.
The sorcerers globe fails, but his stinking cloud, down the drow.

The spiders phase into place next to the sorcerer and the bard, Tower has run away from the dominated Red guard.

A cloud kill is dropped on the paladin and the heroes, however Arya’s divine powers saves her and the halfling..

Saul doesn’t like the spiders being on his stage and changes his tune to affect the spiders and viciously mocks the spider.. The other one teleports to the top of the crystal and then webs the sorcerer .

The cloud kill moves off towards the webbed sorcerer as the speeded halfling races across and starts firing at the Illithiad., to be joined by the paladin.

Thunder rolls out as the sorcerer tries to escape from the spider. An other ice storm breaks out around the Illithiad and the drow..

The Illithiad sends Boris after Arya and now stands between her and the Illithiad, which now steps back into the shadows.

The stage goes dark to the dismay of Saul, however across the expanse a lesser Balrog steps through the gate. Lightning bolts race across the battle field striking the halfling from the drow Mage.

Saul steps across the battlefield to his other stage and with a wind up of the stratacaster and roll of thunderous applause removes the lesser performers from his stage.

Tower races across and shoots the Illthiad..

Toss cobble races across to returning the crystal off which will hurt him. His first attempt fails..

Arya races across and with her divine might sends the drow fleeing and the Balrog back through the gate, before turning to Mordred and healing him slightly. However Mordred is beyond saving, his brain is mush. Meanwhile across the battlefield our sorcerer rids himself of some of the spiders…. However a bollock beholder acolyte bursts out of his head. The bollock tries to infect the spider as the drow races towards it but stops dead.

Bursting through the gate a huge two headed red dragon appears.

Arya talks to the dragon. And turns off the crystal.

Negotiates some gold and convinces the dragon not to attack by promising gold.

Tower is summoned and the party retreat to it.

An Orc warrior is convinced by Boris that the people in the tower have his gold. He goes and bangs on the door shouting for his gold.

Meanwhile the plan is developed for Saul to turn Arya invisible and go out a window while the others throw gold from the top of the tower.

Arya quietly goes to the first crystal and manages to turn it off on one go. She heads for the next crystal.

The drow Mage notices the invisible paladin as she races to the next crystal. Meanwhile the Orc is ducking and dodging from the dragon’s claws and teeth.

Arya feels her self weakening as she fails to shut down the portal.

The dragon hamstrings the defiant and brave Orc warrior who then dies. The drow wizard fires a lightning bolt at the paladin but misses and upsets the dragon who causes fear to emanate across the dimension.

“Times up…. Call that a hoard..? Bellows the dragon, who starts looking through the windows and shouting "Where is my gold?

Arya shuts down the last portal.

They negotiate for a while and eventually agree on Arya leading the dragon back to the open skies, however the dragon eventually works out he can just open the gate anyway.

The dragon polymorphs into a human and tries to change the portal.

The Battle ensues, until eventually the dragon is slain by the combined might of the heroes and the remaining red Guard. a dark paladin and a priest…. some of whom die.

The heroes and the remaining red guard with Boris, rest in the tower overnight. Boris is concerned he will be arrested upon his return to Camelot. Arya suggests that his behaviour in fighting the dragon and helping to get everyone back to Camelot will reflect well on him. He is after all a mercenary.

That evening Arya prays to her diety, Manannan mac lir for the return of her strength. her strength has been sapped by closing down the portals, however the belt of giant strength hides this.

Arya insists that the ring of wishes is first used on Tosscobble to revive his dexterity.

In pursuit of Mordred
We are taken to a n innocuous room and step through the portal into a large innocuous space, we can’t see the roof.

It is very dry, there is a faint blue glow coming from the stones. The dust has 8 sets of footprints heading off into the distance. 7 Redbranch and a pair of other feet. Mordred and his Redbranch bodyguards.

As we become accustomed to the dark, we can see stairwells going up. This is an immense structure

There are three glowing areas framed by a stone arch. The footprints lead to the left hand portal….. We go through the portal into a large room, which is in a better state of repair… In fact it looks like an office. It is largely empty , but for the desks.

In the corner is a large armoured skeleton of a paladin.. This is the palopension God of Apollo. By his side is an unloaded adventurers pack, with a quill and ink. Book reads the scroll the dying paladin left for those who follow.

The harrowing warning sets the adventurers on guard for what lies ahead.

Arya takes Sir Brightblade’s holy symbol to return it to Albion to the oracle of Apollo. Jerome can’t work out where Mordred has gone. Book detects that something has gone through the ethereal plane whilst we are searching.

Book tours the room looking for the next portal… He finds three and we go through one of three.

The new realm is incredibly evil and strong magic. There are footprints all over the place, but Jerome doesn’t recognise any of them. Around the edges where there were stairwells, they have been removed.

There is a dull green corpse light, which the edge lights up the area. We can hear stone grating upon stone, like a door opening.

Stepping out of the doors come the dead or rather the undead. Shaft charges into battle leading the party out of the area taking out the first zombie, as Book covers an area with a zone of black tentacles. One of the zombies takes a chunk out of the cleric.

More Zombies appear from inside the cave. Arya cops a strike from a zombie and is stunned.

The cleric raises his symbol and sends them back to where they came from. In a far cave Tower sees a red eye with 10 red dots in a cave. The cleric cries out that he can see an undead beholder. This must be the creature that Sir Brightblade mentions in his story.

Shaft moves forward and shoots at the beholder, which fires its eyes at Shaft and then at the stunned paladin, who comes around with a large inhalation of breath. A storm of ice strikes the beholder in its lair.

Tower gets the key and goes looking for the portal. Arya ties her grappling hook and tries to grapple the beholder, but misses on the first round.

Spectral eyes and testicales cover the area making it difficult terrain and then the beholder flees to hide behind a wall. it has taken a significant amount of damage, but so have the heroes.

Book steps up and banishes the beholder. Giving us a short period to make our escape. A quick search around the top for the portal reveals nothing. So quickly roping down the edge of the cliff, with many of the party falling down the cliff, to look for the next portal.

The beholder returns from its banishment and charms Arya, and puts her to sleep, she falls over and is desperately dragged into the maze by her colleagues. She is then slapped around by the Mage, waking her up.

Edge continues to run through the maze looking for the portal. He finds it behind a locked door, but can’t open it he first round, or the second round. Time is running out as the beholder will come through one of its doors after them.

Suddenly the beholder appears on the other side of the portal cage, disintegrates the two doors, the wizard, and the bard, fortunately the cleric skips nimbly aside. The wizard is unconscious. The paladin charges back to defender her fallen friends and shoots wildly at the beholder, both arrows missing. The Edge is looking terrified. He has the key and may abandon his friends to their fate. Band-aid does some fast talking to try to prevent him from fleeing through the portal.

The Edge makes Arya invisible and opens the portal fleeing through it, Band-aid picks up the dead wizard and also escapes this hideous world through the portal, quickly followed by the gnome and finally the invisible paladin.

The party appears in a library of wizardry. Book is brought back to life by Band-aid. While the party has a short rest, Book looks at the books. Suddenly an automaton appears and tells Book about the risks of choosing books These include death and 500 gp fines or loss of arms. Understanding this he picks up a book which disintegrates in his hands. He chooses another book, which explodes in his face. Killing him outright. 20170225_194814-web.jpg

The dust and bits of wizard settle as the startled party react to the explosion. Eventually Arya says a prayer for the departed wizard and collects up the body parts to take back for resurrection. The stunned heroes, take a long rest. As the party prepare to continue their quest the automaton reappears and out steps a devastatingly handsome silver dragon born sorcerer, to whom Arya is totally smitten.

They find the portal and step through into a strange new world.

There are some strange fungus type people whom we wave at, but get no response from. They are 7-8 feet tall. There is a general sense of peace and tranquility in the area. Jerome climbs easily up the cliff, followed by the rest of the party.20170225_194935-web.jpg

The dragonborn steps up to meet the mushroom people who blow a strange dust into his face. The dust means he can communicate with the mushroom people. They say that evil comes here at night. The mushroom people offer to open our minds. Which Arya, Band-aid and Draco agree to. Soon they become very euphoric, before their minds are improved. The after effects are such that they take a mental trip.

The effect is amazing, when the mushroom people offer more, it is enthusiastically accepted. The mushroom people tells us it is currently…Night…. What? Bad things come out at night…. And its night. its always night here. at the back of Arya’s mind she recalls what Sir Brightblade had said about the creatures that come out at night, however she is enjoying the hallucangenic effects of the mushroom spores that it can’t be too important… can it?

Azenomorphs start to come out of the organic structures as xx rushes past it. We realise from the scroll. That these are the phasing, very fast creatures..

The mushroom men immediately slump and become very still. Arya lights up her sword and attracts the creatures. The first one slides up and attacks, missing both times, the second and all the others come after me.

The majority of the creatures come after Arya. But also attack Jerome. Draco casts a cone of cold onto many of the creatures raining down cold to try and slow them down, then casts a lightning bolt which gets a couple one of these.

Arya straps on her shield and moves into attack, ensuring two of the creatures with her ancient battle magic. The other one attacks the cleric viciously and another comes after the dragon born sorcerer.

The battle is tight and we are all grateful for the presence of the Pendragon’s cleric. His healing means the difference between life and death
A painfully intense crack of thunder erupts out of the area and then another, killing 2 of the aliens.

Jerome heads off running to find the portal, eventually finding it in a glade to the northwest.

Band-aid takes a pile of damage from the alien beasts and then sensibly casts death ward on himself and flees towards the portal. Jerome tries to lay down covering fire as the heroes break for the relative safety of the next world. However he fumbles with his arrows and is stunned.

Arya retreats, healing Band-aid as they all race towards the portal. Grouping at the portal, Arya is set upon by the last alien sprinting up to capture the first fresh meat it has seen in 1500 years, takes chunks out of the paladin. Band-aid commands the alien to flee, which it does. Arya goes over to the stunned gnome, opens the gate, picks up the stunned person and the party go through the gate.

The new plane is a room full of gold. There is a lamp and a dark sword. And 150000 gp, a vorpal blade and genie lamp., jewels worth 6000gps, 1700 platinum pieces. A vast amount of wealth here, which is recognisably the treasure horde from the wizard’s tower we were told about by

The road to Camelot

A large army is marching towards. They are made up heavily armoured units and around 300-400 units.

The army is human, the lead unit is the Order of the Rose, the top unit of Paladins.
Sir Grunhild is the knight commander She is on route to Ebrcorum to relieve the city which is being besieged by Giants, orcs and dragons.

They are followed by the Knights of the sword and the Knights of the crown.

We arrive at the city around lunchtime.

Camelot is more of a fortress than a city. Book gets a strong sense of magic. A stone elemental materialises out of the ground to greet us. It tells us we are expected and that a guide is on his way to escort us in.

The elemental turns to Book to says " it has been a long time my lord, may your stay be pleasant." The elemental then dematerialises. Book is momentarily confused, but then realises it was the clothing he holds

Spiny greets us and takes into the city. “Come with me there is someone I want you to meet before your presence becomes known.”

In the centre of the room is a man donning armour, He has a black bastard sword, with a silvered edge. His shield has the image of a platinum dragon on it. The heroes all go down on one knee. He impatiently tells them to sit down. This is Arthur Pendragon

He says he is getting ready to leave with the second half of the army. A large drow army has been spotted

Calledin is the current Merlin
Beneviere knight commander of the Rose
Alias the personal physician

The Elven Kings son “the shield of the elves” is in the city. Farnarfen wants us arrested. For stealing ancient Elven artefacts.

Beneviere takes us to a very nice inn. Arya Tells Beneviere about the Death Knights armour and unholy sword. She goes on to enquire if there is anyone in the city who would be able to destroy it. Arya is informed that Tragopan Trolldriver is the top cleric in Camelot who will be able to deal it.

Lipstick and the cleric’s servant go to see Trolldriver. Saul and Milo go off to debrief at the Harper’s.

Jerome heads off to look for a drink.

Book goes to see Merlin and asks why the the elemental welcomed him at the gates, but discovers that Merlin is a Druid and bard, not a wizard. Merlin is weighing up Book and tells him so. Book then modifies his arch Mage robes from white to a dark red.

Lipstick goes to see the cleric. Moriaon’s temple is where the Cleric may be found.

We’ give the red dragon head to the innkeeper, where the party is staying.
Later on…

The wizard eats the brain of the dragon and gains the ability to cast charm person three times a day. Jerome volunteers to cut out his tongue. Book allows this and nearly bleeds to death from the event. For his pain his verbal charisma based skills are now significantly better. His eyes turn to the colour of the dragon (green), and becomes slits rather than round. He eats the eyes and the tongue.

Book starts to be able to see into the ethereal plane.

Arya gets 2 healing potions for each in the party from the cleric.

Later in the bar, the heroes learn that Arthur is great. There is rumours that Callidin might be the God of neutrality, Gillian. And that Guinevere is a sage and very knowledgeable in that Camelot was the first prime portal and this was the site of the first Mage tower. Mordread is also a sage, but intensely disliked. He is also said to be very jealous of Guinevere.

It turns out that we have been put in the opposite end of the town to the Shield of the Elves.

A week later we are summoned to a meeting with

The drow have fled the field. Guinevere leaves. Beneviere appears Ill at ease. Arya goes off to protect Guinevere at the Beneviere’s behest.

Book learns that there is a portal, Guinevere and Mordred have been researching the portals in order to make sure they are defended or may be able to aid the king.

Arya arrives to find Guinevere laying in a pool of blood, alive but unconscious. Surrounding her are the bodies of several of Mordred’s Redbranch orcs. Arya quickly heals the queen, to prevent her from dying. She comes around briefly to tell the paladin that Mordred has stolen the master portal key and intends to bring the drow in through the old paths.
Saul dimension doors Guinevere to Beneviere for her safety and recovery. As the spell is cast Calledin appears next to Saul. He has sensed the casting of magic and come to see what has happened.

The old paths simply refer to the portals upon which Camelot was built. They were abandoned and closed when they couldn’t be controlled.

Mordred will be trying to break a barrier that is holding back the drow and seek to return them to aid him conquering Camelot..

There only three keys, the master key, Calledin tells us We’ll have to catch Mordred to get the master key to get back. A key will detect a portal and hold it open for a round.

All portals are found within 200 feet of each of other. The first mages tower.

The Sage goes onto to tell us that time is different in the old paths. When we step through, no time will pass for us.

The journey to Camelot

A week later, Spiney has recovered enough to now get to the Plane for Dragons and is leaving for this and will meet us in Camelot. He is off to see Arthur Pendragon.
The Anfauglith the black is the name of the one the heroes accidently released outside Longbarrow.

We summon our new tower for the first time and it raises the tower, standing at the door isa. Earth elemental whose name is Incorrigible. There is a full inventory including 400 outfits for.

The tower sits in the prime material plane times passes equally, when it’s shut is in the elemental plane of earth..

The party heads back to the Last Drop Inn to collect the horses and take the route to Magna Castrum.

It is June July a sunny day. In the distance we can see a Pallistrade which is Magna Castrum, we head through into the town.

After calling at the main castle the party is informed that the boss is in the Knocking shop and will be back tomorrow around 10. The party retires to a fine pub called the Dragons Head, with guards on the door. The clientele are mixed with fighters, Wizards, half orcs,

As we walk across the room we notice a group of Elves watching us. There are also a couple of Rangers We head over to chat them El Luthais is thei leader and is a Mage. He knows who we are and we pass on information.

We adjourn to their rooms on the top floor to a penthouse.

Male Mage is Etrian
Ranger is Thalanil and Jartal
The fighter asks to be called Shield
When asked how the war is going, he is not happy..

We talk about what we have done and the elves are keen to take the scroll., however the party dissuades them from taking the scroll, they also do not want to accompany us. The elves are there to stop the captain being captured and changed by the dark elves.

The next day the party rides down the road towards Camelot. After two hours we see Roland in the distance. And in the trees are the rest of the party.

Roland says I’m sorry we can’t let you get this knowledge out. The elves open fire. A fireball explodes into the back of Arya after blade wished for it to hit the knight in the back.

All the horses are fried. Tower runs forward and plonks the castle down and asks the butler to let us in.
The Elven fighter is thrown backwards, whilst the archers rain down on the party trying to get in the tower.

Both Elven mages disappear, while Shield is coming around from the shock.. The entire party is now in the tower. Arya heals the party , we see the last of the elves disappearing through a portal. The party heads out of the Portal, Blade shouts to Roland saying that we’ve still got the scroll…. There is no answer.

The party heads south as top speed. We end the day approaching Albion Fields, it is heavily wooded, we move off into the forest and put up the castle, after Shaft cleared the area of animals.

Arya (Lipstick) is not happy that Roland has betrayed the heroes trust and tried to kill them, so she breaks the seal on the scroll and reads it out to the heroes.

Blade asks the answer stone about whether the writing of the scroll, who wrote it. According to legend it was written by who has signed it. Previously the legends alluded that the drow aligned themselves with the orcs. Book believes the document is a document of the correct time, whether it is written by the drow is another question.

The high elves enlisted the humans and dwarves into the war.

The drow are the initial inhabitants of Albion.

The next day there appears to be no activity on the road, the party continue to head down the road. Book finds a document on the making and forging of dragon armour.

The party enter Echbaldton, where the local Lord is Eldwine, who the drow wish to turn to their cause.

Echbaldton is a major market town and is a hotch potch of different races.

The party announce themselves to Lord Eldwine, a large Viking type, and tells us it will take 2 days if hard ride.

Eldwine says he has executed two if the new comers in his employ. Pendragon will know. He identifies us as the ‘idiots who released the dragons.’ He shows us the two drow he has lynched. He was warned by the elves that were looking after him.

We give him a red dragon scale. Arya heads off to the church of Macapaca to tithe his cash. He also discovers how to get rid of the evil armour…. Dropping it into a volcano or getting a silver dragon to breath on it. She tithes another 50 gp.

Blade drops into the bounty office and then we see the elves guarding Eric the Red. We speak quite frankly to Gillian. He is fairly laid back.

Arya and Blade go to see the dwarven armoursmith and learns the following


To get dwarven armour we need to get special dispensation from King Bloodaxe, it turns out that he knows someone who we could see.

Bloodaxe is in Scotland Umbdreckard. The dwarven armourer writes out a slate introducing us to the King and asking for permission to access Dwarven armour.

Master Smith sells Arya a belt of storm hill giant strength. Which will help her wield the Hammer of thunderbolts found in the Dragon’s lair

We go onto the Bowyer and get some exploding arrows for the team and a composite Bow for the paladin.

Off to see old Spiney

The party discuss and agree that we’ll develop and report on the last two thousand years of history. Book suggests that we could give Nick’s talking sword. He is given a shirt shrift.

The party heads off towards Ebrocrum, with the aim of turning south toward Wrymwood.
There is no traffic on the road.

Riding up the bridge we see three people camping on the far side of the bridge. Jerome notices two more in the woods

Inglorian two swords (Elven paladin) and Rowland of Kernow.. We are warned

An epic battle between a large red dragon and there used to an old Elven city which was attacked by the red dragon, the elves fled towards Ebrocorum.

Old Spiney attacked the red in our defence and was giving it a kicking. A large green also arrived was known as Verdent dreamweaver and the Red was Cwmwl Tan. The green dragged both down and none were seen. Wrymwood is (tor lithium) is an island, surrounded by a healing river which can reserruect the dead, but what goes in doesn’t come out the same. The river is Ousk, known as the water of life.

Mighty wards still surround the island, the only safe passage is by the old bridge near the abondoned clerics tower.

Nick asks if there is anything that we can get for you. There is said to be a scroll of great knowledge in Tor Ithyll. It will be a very old parchment scroll written in a gold band. It would be better still if we didn’t read it" says Roland of Kernow.

Chromatic dragons a are now appearing across the country, reds are the most prevalent.

We head on down the road, we hear an army marching down the road, with outliers, the entire army simply marches around the party.

4 hrs later the last of the army goes past, we ride onto The last drop inn. The innkeeper is Carrowman Majere, a massive and overweight innkeeper.

The general conversation was about the Elven army and turns to Wyrmwood, saying its been a while since any adventurers went that way.

Suggest we follow the river and turn east, when we met the fork in the river.

Green dragons primary attack is poisonous gas, they can manipulate nature and are cowards, more cerebral than the other dragons. Red and green dragons don’t. The green dragon thinks

Reds are more aggressive and will never flee, it will fight to the death. Don’t let a red get airborne.

The green came from across the channel, was very quiet for years, and the attack very sound

The red came from Wales….and you can blow smoke up its bottom, I’d flatter.

Nic asks the stone why it’s so happy to have the sword and armour around. The armour and sword are the weapons of the stone’s guardian. The sword is likely to get quite excited when it senses a dragon.

The clerics tower,…. As the water of the river was a healing and resserecting river. The tower was the home of a high level cleric.

The next day the heroes head down to the clerics tower. We arrive over the brow of a hill to see the bridge to Wyrmwood and strong encampment of goblins.

Jerome estimates the full encampment is around 40-50 goblins and some orcs..

The party opens fire against the goblins and starts taking them out with bow and bolt fire. Book looses a fireball at the Orc, taking out the goblins.

The heroes move forward to engage. Out of the tower comes a Teifling, appears and dashes down the steps to engage the heroes.

Book launches another fireball and takes out the remaking in goblins. Out of the pit and into the fray charge another 9 goblins.

Jerome climbs into the ruins and shoots the Teifling, killing it outright, another long range fireball flies over Arya’s head taking out most of the goblins. Arya shoulders her bow, charges the remaining goblins, taking out two of them, the other one try’s to hit Nick and flees.

The remaining Orc keeps coming down the stairs and charges Nick and gets a bolt in the eye.

There is a magical staff held by the dead tiefling.

The remaining dead goblins are strung up to deter the other goblins from coming back to fight the heroes.

Book and Arya go over to the sarcophagus, book senses great magic power, he can’t open the lid. Inside in is a human body in full jet black armour. The armour is the Knights of the rose. The armour is jet black and completely burnt. Arya feels strong evil emanating from the body.

Arya identifies it as a death knight and ignites her sun blade and drives it through the death knights neck , it’s red eye’s open and it tries to pull out the sword, but fails.

The death knight’s sword is a holy avenger, lawful evil, the armour is also +3 lawful evil. Book suggests we give it to This is an inspired idea. Arya blesses the sarcophagus.

Overnight the party has bad dreams about a veiled woman dressed in green with a burnt face. She says we will die at the dawn.

The party scout out the surroundings from the top of the tower and spy a veiled lady, who tells us her name is Verdent…… dreamweaver.

Verdant tells us that Cwmrn Tan is no longer a problem..

Book flies her Raven over with the ring for LLoth.,which highly amuses the dragon, however Nic’s call of would you like chips with that, angers the dragon in woman form and she changes into a dragon causing the small people to be terrified, the wizard, the paladin and the fighter are not affected.

Let battle commence,green_dragon.png

Bolts and fireballs rain down on the dragon.

Verdent leaps towards the tower and breathes a cloud of chlorine at the tower, Nic and Jerome and toss cobble get burnt..

Book blinds the dragon,, as Nic runs towards the dragon across the top of one the sarcophagus and launches himself into the air winging the dragon, which prevents it from flying away, he drags the sword down the creature’s wing and lands safely, as the dragon howls in agony and lands heavily on the ground next to the Long barrow guardsman.

Arya blows the horn of Vallahal and summons 9 berserkers , 7 of which aren’t as tough as they thought and dis appear, the remaining 2 attack the dragon with a vengeance.

The dragon is really pissed and goes after the guardsman, but he dodges behind the wall.

Book hastes the paladin. Who teleports onto the dragons back and sinks the light sabre into the dragons neck, the berserkers

The dragon recharges its breath weapon and releases his breath weapon against the two Tin cans, Arya the full effect of the gas and falls unconscious on the back ofthe dragon. Nic kills the dragon with a mighty blow, killing it. He runs across and pours a healing potion down her throat, reviving her.

There is a satchel fallen over by the bridge, which is a proper bag of holding, holding 2 keys.

Jerome butchers the dragon so it can go into the bag of holding, filling up all spare vials with its blood.

The party spends the rest of the day cutting up the dragon and healing wounds..

The next day the party heads into Wyrmwood. There is a well travelled path with lots of goblin and Orc footprints, around 30 orcs and giant rat prints.

There is an entrance to the Elven city, there are leafy patterns carved into the door and a sign of the moon over the top. There is waft coming out of the mine, which is fairly grim.

Inside there is exquisite Elven stone works, this is pretty much the goblins lair.

Further down we can hear a chittering noise, the tanks light up the way and head in. Arya convinces 35 rat type people.

The next place has a pile of orcs in there., Arya holds up the dragons head in an attempt to intimidate the orcs, which doesn’t work, Arya drops her weapon in the charge. Jerome takes out his opponent, Nic drops his sword and punches the Orc . Toss cobble shoots and kills the Shaman at the back of the room. Jerome slips on the blood and the pile of swords on the floor, falling over, magic missiles come in from Book and kill the Orc.

We open the door and find Spiney in human form, he is chained by magic chains and we talk to him. Toss Cobble breaks his first lock pick and gets it on the second.

After a discussion, Nic opens the door a blast of fire pushes down through and around the guardsman., who follows up by charging in against the dragon, lighting up the room with his armour, blinding the dragon, himself and Arya.

It appears that the dragon is completely insane and is even more grumpy Toss Cobble stuns the dragon, which encourages Spiney to join the battle, he pushes past and attacks his ancient foe.

Book tries to tie the dragon down with a web but it simply flexes it’s muscles and breaks free. Spiney bitess down, ripping the re dragon to bits

We discover that the pact has been broken

There is a ring of air elementals
Hammer of thunderbolts- giants bane is its name.

There is a scroll wrapped in gold.

Morkendamins magic tower

Not to repeat the pact.

Citadel Massacre

After retrieving the Silmaril from Melkor the Blind the group return triumphant to Eboracorum to witness the dedication of a Holy Avenger to Pelenor – the High Paladin of the Pendragons court, and by default the high Paladin of Albion. Many high ranking officials are present, including Mordred, Arthur’s heir apparent, who has employed Boris and his Red Branch as body guards.

During the ceremony the packed citadel is attacked by Drow, disguised as local clerics (the originals are later found to be massacred). 4 of the Drow attack the crowd, indiscriminately slaughtering men, women and children whist 2 others, using an unknown power, paralyse Mordecai (ruler of Eboracorum) and Pelenor. The 2 Drow then place their hands on their victims’ heads who scream in agony.

On the floor of the Citadel the group tear into the other Drow. To the surprise of the group, the first Drow they badly damage roars “FOR LOLTH!” and activates a magic ring which explodes in a 30ft fireball, killing or badly injuring all in its range. 2 other Drow die this way, with the fourth killed before he can self-destruct. This 4th Drow is found to be wearing a spider shaped ring which Mica claims.

The group then attack the 2 remaining Drow in an attempt to rescue Pelenor and Mordecai – they fail. On examining the bodies it appears the brains have been destroyed, preventing any chance of resurrection spells working (even if any clerics survived).

After the dust settles Mordred claims the Holy Avenger, claiming he will return it to Arthur. When asked why his bodyguards didn’t help he responds that they are paid to protect him, not peasants.
After rendering what aid they could, Saul (Mr Houston’s character) sets off to inform Arthur of events (as a harper it’s his duty) and the rest set off to complete the silmaril quest.

Returning the Simiral to Odin

After returning the gem to Odin, the group ask what he’ll use it for, he answers with a slight smile ‘Genocide’. He then gets Thor to drop the gem on the Drows side of the portal.

The group ask the best way to fight the Drow and chromatic dragon (they released), Odin suggests talking to Old Spiney, a brass Dragon who apparently still lives in the Wyrmwood to the south of Ebacorum – the cost of this information is the group must let the elves know the Drow have the silmaril.

See map of Albion

On return to Long Barrow the group encounter a group of elves on a trade mission to Lady Swanneck (ruler of Long Barrow) and inform them that the Drow now have the silmaril, they refrain from telling the elves of the groups role in this.

And now the journey continues……….

As it does Arya considers that the Drow have now managed to remove two more of the people on their list. She is also surprised that Mordred didn’t intervene in helping to protect the leader of Eborocrum. Whilst not being the cleverest, the fact is not lost on her that once again Boris and his redguard are on the scene… Everytime they have been guarding someone, it turns out this person is opposing the party’s will…

The lair of Melkor the blind
Scooby scooby doo

The party is teleported to the island and to the front door. seatbelt opens the front door and there is an unearthly green light and fetid odour.

The party goes in and turns left. Further down the corridor is a spike trap with a halfling body impaled on it.
It was tripped by an old school tripwire.

Around the corner we find three bodies with terrified looks on their faces.
We find 40 GPs and some nice swords.

In one of the alcoves we find another three bodies in a defensive position, they have been beaten to death.

Whilst Arya and Seatbelt stand guard, Tosscobble finds a secret door. The party enters a large room with crates and bags of gold coin.

As the party moves into a room a bell rings and a mummy materialises out of the dust. Book covers it in a web and Arya throws a flask of oil at it to increase the flamability. Toss cobble goes over to the gold. Seatbelt moves into the room. Arya encourages the party to move quickly.

Book runs past and casts burning hands, seriously wounding the mummy. Arya moves in and finishes it off, before moving towards the next door.

Mylo notices that the chests are locked and that there is around 3000gps. Before heading over to the door. Seatbelt engages the mummy whilst Saul drops his crossbow.

Arya charges a mummy and knocks one of the mummies over before moving towards the door. The mummy gets up and frightens Jerome. Tosscobble gets to the door and desperately starts trying to pick the lock.

The bell tolls and another mummy appears. The party now realises the importance of the Wizards advice of moving quickly.

Toss cobble unlocks the door into the next room, Seatbelt knocks his mummy over and heads to the next room, as the mummy’s punch flies past Arya’s head. The other mummy loses its arm as its punch misses.. Arya flees from the mummy and is followed by Jerome who crowbars the doors shut.

The mummies start beating on the door and at the other door a wraith appears, blocking our exit.

Tosscobble unlocks the next door with ease as Book commands the wraith to grovel and then flees to the door along with the rest of the party. This room looks like an armoury, the party collects some pretty rusty maces as a mummy appears at the door we’ve just come through.

Book again commands the mummy and it flees, the wraith comes through the door, Jerome fails to unlock the door.

Book forsee’s that Tosscobble will unlock the door and low and behold he does. The party flees into a new treasure room as the wraith moves to attack Seatbelt. Arya steps in and calling upon her god, uses her divine power to smite the wraith with her radiant glaive, killing it in one hit before heading out through the next door.

We hear that the door from the first Mummy room smash, meaning the mummies have broke through into the wraiths room.

The bell dings and an undead beholder appears. Tosscobble fumbles the lock, dropping his lockpicks in his haste to unlock the dooor. Jerome whips them up and unpicks the lock and goes straight through the door, whilst Seatbelt and Arya bundle the last of the party through, although Arya doesn’t make it through in one go and is charmed by the Eye Tyrant.

Seatbelt tricks Araya by telling her the simirals are in here, which convinces Araya to move throug into the room. This turns out to be a safe room.

As Book moves to the walls. Melkor the blind appears in the wingback chair and welcomes us and offers us food.

Book extols Melkor if he can take anything back to the tower of necromancy, which book agrees to do. Melkor asks him to take his black dragon claw staff to the tower of necromancy. Melkor is offered three spell scrolls.

Seatbelt asks where the best loot is…. The spell room is suggested. Melkor decides to reward us with a bag of holding. He also gives Book his diary and his black robes of necromancy.

It is decided that Arya is blinded and has a rope tied around her in case there is a trap. Seatbelt is sent in blindfolded and goes in to see if it’s there. He finds it and is severely burnt by the silmirals.

To the Tower of Divination

Arthur is the King and it goes down to regional leaders ….. Key members of Albion society.

Mordacai is going to provide us with

Palinor is becoming the high paladin of the country in a fortnight and we are invited.

Seatbelt Izekial’s sentient sword is mildly disgruntled as the party no longer has the all knowing eldarin Rock.

Book tells us about the message he received.
The message says that if we go to the Tower of Divination, Book will have to take a test.

Book reads the sheet and is blown across the room by the protection on the scroll. However it looks like the scroll shows that

Mordacai and Swanneck are distantly related. We tell them about the links on the list. Mordecai is going to send our his special service people (the Harper’s and the bards)

The party goes shopping for healing potions and buys 5 potions.

The tower of divination

The tower of divination has good neutral and evil in them to keep them balanced, the towers of the various schools hate each other. They don’t tend to get involved in day to day affairs.

We travel for several days through the cold and the snow . The journey is uneventful.
We arrive at the foot of a large ivory tower .

At the bottom of the cliff face we see a campfire burning. The party sends Book ahead and is hailed by name and is asked if he is here to take the test.

Elinor is head of. divination.

We head towards the door

“The journey to this point is not so worthy of memory as the journey from it.”

Into the tower of divination

The party reorders into standard marching order, Tosscobble moves to the front and is hit BT a lightning bolt., by standing on a magical pressure pad.

Book casts Mage hand as his test it on the Lightning pressure pad. The party ends up jumping across, the bard dies. We pour a ressurection potion down his throat and bring him back to life.

The party continues with Mage hand detecting the traps. Seatbelt comes up with the idea of putting his rope on the traps, allowing it to not reset. The party crosses safely. A solid iron door closes solidly behind us.

We come around the corner and have a 5 foot chasm in behind an arrow trap. Book recognises the chasm as an illusion, but Seatbelt discovers that the chasm has a lightning trap.
The party crawls under the arrow trap, seatbelt sorts out the Lightning bolt trap and we continue on. Arya triggers the magic bolt trap.

We come around the corner and see an eye, Book waves at it and a fireball rushes down, Arya dives to the ground and avoids the fireball as it passes overhead, burning many many of the party behind.

We back round the corner and test it out. Arya tests it out by crawling under it. This is successful and the party follows on.

The water trap.

The next trap causes the corridor to flood, the party flees down the corridor, some of the party are caught by iron hands, Arya easily breaks the first one, but is caught by another. Book magic missiles the rock, the gnome creates a snorkel with his flute.

Fortunately the party gets past this and the water recedes before the smallest of the party don’t drown.

The writing over the door at the end says “the past is the key to the future.” It then opens.

Arya tells the party that this route will be the same path as what we have just done. Seatbelt fires a crossbow bolt…. It keeps going and disappears. At the far end a large Orc appears.

We taunt it and it starts charging towards the party , as it gets closer we can see that it has an amulet, which is glowing as it charges towards us.

The party opens up with ranged weapons on the Orc. It comes up as the fighter types tell Book to get out the way so they can get to the Orc. Saul, sings to the Orc, incapacitating it.

Book’s Mage hand moves outside of the path and triggers another Uraki to come into the fight.

The first Orc is killed off, Arya moves forward to hold off the next attack., the Orc charges up to her as Mylo gets the amulet off the dead Orc. Seatbelt moves into assist Arya against the new Uraki Orc.

Saul inspires Seatbelt to greater heights and distracts the Uraki from hitting Seatbelt. Tosscobble steps outside of the corridor and disappears.

Book realises that Tosscobble has been teleported away someone .

The Uraki fumbles and tops himself, Arya and and Seatbelt put him out of his misery and passes the amulet to Book. The party discusses whether Book should just teleport out. It is his test after all.

A White robed wizard comes up to Book and tells him he has passed. Book is still suspicious . However the rest of the party allay his concerns.

The Council of Three.

Elinar the White
Astidius the red
Dalamar.the black

Arya greets them and thanks them for their hospitality. And the chance to pit our skills against their traps and pits.

The simiralLes…. Neil will send the copy over.

Only the righteous can touch the simirals. We get the map to

It is foreseen that we do not kill the black dragon we realised.

The sword was forged before the separation of the eldarin and the Elven race. It appears to be a guardian sword, it is a lawful neutral sword and will never need sharpening. Don’t be alarmed, but if you go contrary to its mission it will possess you.

Getting the stone back is a good one, but we would have to defeat the golems. This is not a good idea.


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