Tag: magic item


  • Sacred holy avenger

    +3 to attack, vs undead and demons does an additional 2d10 d and whilst drawn has an aura of 10 foot radius of advantage on saving throws against spells. Needs to be attuned by. A paladin. This one was forged by Dacre's father from White Bay.

  • Hammer of Thunderbolts

    HAMMER OF THUNDERBOLTS Weapon (maul), legendary You gain a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with this magic weapon. [[File:653734 | class=media-item-align-right | Hammer_of_thunderbolts.jpg]] Giant's Bane (Requires Attunement). You must be …

  • Portal Keys of Camelot

    There are three keys to the closed portals of [[Camelot | Camelot]]. The master key allows travel in both directions through the portals, whilst the other two only allow travel in one direction. Queen [[:guinevere | Guinevere]] was the holder of the …