Off to see old Spiney

The party discuss and agree that we’ll develop and report on the last two thousand years of history. Book suggests that we could give Nick’s talking sword. He is given a shirt shrift.

The party heads off towards Ebrocrum, with the aim of turning south toward Wrymwood.
There is no traffic on the road.

Riding up the bridge we see three people camping on the far side of the bridge. Jerome notices two more in the woods

Inglorian two swords (Elven paladin) and Rowland of Kernow.. We are warned

An epic battle between a large red dragon and there used to an old Elven city which was attacked by the red dragon, the elves fled towards Ebrocorum.

Old Spiney attacked the red in our defence and was giving it a kicking. A large green also arrived was known as Verdent dreamweaver and the Red was Cwmwl Tan. The green dragged both down and none were seen. Wrymwood is (tor lithium) is an island, surrounded by a healing river which can reserruect the dead, but what goes in doesn’t come out the same. The river is Ousk, known as the water of life.

Mighty wards still surround the island, the only safe passage is by the old bridge near the abondoned clerics tower.

Nick asks if there is anything that we can get for you. There is said to be a scroll of great knowledge in Tor Ithyll. It will be a very old parchment scroll written in a gold band. It would be better still if we didn’t read it" says Roland of Kernow.

Chromatic dragons a are now appearing across the country, reds are the most prevalent.

We head on down the road, we hear an army marching down the road, with outliers, the entire army simply marches around the party.

4 hrs later the last of the army goes past, we ride onto The last drop inn. The innkeeper is Carrowman Majere, a massive and overweight innkeeper.

The general conversation was about the Elven army and turns to Wyrmwood, saying its been a while since any adventurers went that way.

Suggest we follow the river and turn east, when we met the fork in the river.

Green dragons primary attack is poisonous gas, they can manipulate nature and are cowards, more cerebral than the other dragons. Red and green dragons don’t. The green dragon thinks

Reds are more aggressive and will never flee, it will fight to the death. Don’t let a red get airborne.

The green came from across the channel, was very quiet for years, and the attack very sound

The red came from Wales….and you can blow smoke up its bottom, I’d flatter.

Nic asks the stone why it’s so happy to have the sword and armour around. The armour and sword are the weapons of the stone’s guardian. The sword is likely to get quite excited when it senses a dragon.

The clerics tower,…. As the water of the river was a healing and resserecting river. The tower was the home of a high level cleric.

The next day the heroes head down to the clerics tower. We arrive over the brow of a hill to see the bridge to Wyrmwood and strong encampment of goblins.

Jerome estimates the full encampment is around 40-50 goblins and some orcs..

The party opens fire against the goblins and starts taking them out with bow and bolt fire. Book looses a fireball at the Orc, taking out the goblins.

The heroes move forward to engage. Out of the tower comes a Teifling, appears and dashes down the steps to engage the heroes.

Book launches another fireball and takes out the remaking in goblins. Out of the pit and into the fray charge another 9 goblins.

Jerome climbs into the ruins and shoots the Teifling, killing it outright, another long range fireball flies over Arya’s head taking out most of the goblins. Arya shoulders her bow, charges the remaining goblins, taking out two of them, the other one try’s to hit Nick and flees.

The remaining Orc keeps coming down the stairs and charges Nick and gets a bolt in the eye.

There is a magical staff held by the dead tiefling.

The remaining dead goblins are strung up to deter the other goblins from coming back to fight the heroes.

Book and Arya go over to the sarcophagus, book senses great magic power, he can’t open the lid. Inside in is a human body in full jet black armour. The armour is the Knights of the rose. The armour is jet black and completely burnt. Arya feels strong evil emanating from the body.

Arya identifies it as a death knight and ignites her sun blade and drives it through the death knights neck , it’s red eye’s open and it tries to pull out the sword, but fails.

The death knight’s sword is a holy avenger, lawful evil, the armour is also +3 lawful evil. Book suggests we give it to This is an inspired idea. Arya blesses the sarcophagus.

Overnight the party has bad dreams about a veiled woman dressed in green with a burnt face. She says we will die at the dawn.

The party scout out the surroundings from the top of the tower and spy a veiled lady, who tells us her name is Verdent…… dreamweaver.

Verdant tells us that Cwmrn Tan is no longer a problem..

Book flies her Raven over with the ring for LLoth.,which highly amuses the dragon, however Nic’s call of would you like chips with that, angers the dragon in woman form and she changes into a dragon causing the small people to be terrified, the wizard, the paladin and the fighter are not affected.

Let battle commence,green_dragon.png

Bolts and fireballs rain down on the dragon.

Verdent leaps towards the tower and breathes a cloud of chlorine at the tower, Nic and Jerome and toss cobble get burnt..

Book blinds the dragon,, as Nic runs towards the dragon across the top of one the sarcophagus and launches himself into the air winging the dragon, which prevents it from flying away, he drags the sword down the creature’s wing and lands safely, as the dragon howls in agony and lands heavily on the ground next to the Long barrow guardsman.

Arya blows the horn of Vallahal and summons 9 berserkers , 7 of which aren’t as tough as they thought and dis appear, the remaining 2 attack the dragon with a vengeance.

The dragon is really pissed and goes after the guardsman, but he dodges behind the wall.

Book hastes the paladin. Who teleports onto the dragons back and sinks the light sabre into the dragons neck, the berserkers

The dragon recharges its breath weapon and releases his breath weapon against the two Tin cans, Arya the full effect of the gas and falls unconscious on the back ofthe dragon. Nic kills the dragon with a mighty blow, killing it. He runs across and pours a healing potion down her throat, reviving her.

There is a satchel fallen over by the bridge, which is a proper bag of holding, holding 2 keys.

Jerome butchers the dragon so it can go into the bag of holding, filling up all spare vials with its blood.

The party spends the rest of the day cutting up the dragon and healing wounds..

The next day the party heads into Wyrmwood. There is a well travelled path with lots of goblin and Orc footprints, around 30 orcs and giant rat prints.

There is an entrance to the Elven city, there are leafy patterns carved into the door and a sign of the moon over the top. There is waft coming out of the mine, which is fairly grim.

Inside there is exquisite Elven stone works, this is pretty much the goblins lair.

Further down we can hear a chittering noise, the tanks light up the way and head in. Arya convinces 35 rat type people.

The next place has a pile of orcs in there., Arya holds up the dragons head in an attempt to intimidate the orcs, which doesn’t work, Arya drops her weapon in the charge. Jerome takes out his opponent, Nic drops his sword and punches the Orc . Toss cobble shoots and kills the Shaman at the back of the room. Jerome slips on the blood and the pile of swords on the floor, falling over, magic missiles come in from Book and kill the Orc.

We open the door and find Spiney in human form, he is chained by magic chains and we talk to him. Toss Cobble breaks his first lock pick and gets it on the second.

After a discussion, Nic opens the door a blast of fire pushes down through and around the guardsman., who follows up by charging in against the dragon, lighting up the room with his armour, blinding the dragon, himself and Arya.

It appears that the dragon is completely insane and is even more grumpy Toss Cobble stuns the dragon, which encourages Spiney to join the battle, he pushes past and attacks his ancient foe.

Book tries to tie the dragon down with a web but it simply flexes it’s muscles and breaks free. Spiney bitess down, ripping the re dragon to bits

We discover that the pact has been broken

There is a ring of air elementals
Hammer of thunderbolts- giants bane is its name.

There is a scroll wrapped in gold.

Morkendamins magic tower

Not to repeat the pact.


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