Return to Camelot

The night passes uneventfully.
Inestimable Crighton patrols during the night and reports that there are 4 floating bollocks outside.

Boris knows where the gates are. The next one if fields of golden wheat. We abondoned the two headed dragon corpse.

The heroes charge out through the portal and only Saul and Arya only appear. Across the other side they can see Jerome and another person….. And what look like a lot of mummies and zombies and some other being.

This appears to be a large room, there is a large heavy door. Arya ties to go across quietly, and fails completely. The creature at the top notices her, as Saul moves silently and swiftly to reunite with Jerome and the dog headed creature who it turns out is called Eggsy who is shouting that he is after the Mummy Lord, who quickly silences him.

Jerome runs out of the zone of silence and casts a zone of silence on the Mummy Lord, as Arya fires her explosive arrows hitting the first mummy. Eggsy moves over to Arya and turns undead, destroying many of the wights and causing half the mummies to flee

The Mummy Lord floats down and speaks a swarm of locusts in and around Eggsy, Saul and Arya..

Saul gates himself and Arya up to the Mummy Lord and Arya starts cutting chunks out of the creature., turns around and punches the Paladin very very hard…. And then does it again., knocking Arya out. She collapses to the ground as Jerome rushes up the stairs to join in the fray., he strikes and strikes again, the mummy Lord screams and as it disappears says to Jerome " I curse you with my dying breath. I will find you and you will die.

Eggsy revives and heals Arya and then the heroes go looking for the heart of the mummy.

Arya pulls one of the torches and it clicks,Eggsy pulls the rest of the block out, on which there is A pot and jar, containing the heart of the mummy.. Eggsy takes it out and offers thanks to the god Annubis.

In the other three chests, which open with the key. There are 14,000 go and 2,100 pp, a simple chime, a pair of glasses and a small tube of what appears to be oil and a potion container with potion.

The heart is burnt.

The glasses are eyes of minute seeing and oil of etherealness and a potion of gaseous form. Saul claims the chime of opening.

The next gate is down 10 feet and we go they the go through into the door into the library where the paladin was dead. We load up the dead paladin and step back into Camelot

We rest up on the dragon inn. We then go back to see King Arthur.

We enter a large room with a high vaulted ceiling and many tapestries on the wall.

Sat on. A large wooden table are several Knights, Merlin, King Arthur, Guinnevre, Beniverve and several.

Neil to send through co py&&&&&&&&!!!!

The party agree to go north to find the dwarven city of Umbridge???

After the meeting King Arthur


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