In search of Amma Amna Enu

The dwarven city

The party agree to go and try and make contact with the dwarves of Amma Amna Enu.

It looks like the best way to do it will be sail north.

Brian Blood axe is the king of the dwarves.

The head of the city is Corig Cragsguard, known to his friends as Cliff. The home of mithril mines. Communications shut off no physical or magic

.A city of 7 layers and population of 15000 dwarven souls. A white wyrm has been rumoured. Going through

Potion of water breathing…1200 gp

Jerome recalls what he knows about white dragons
- breath weapon of cold
Not very clever,
Quite primal of all the dragons
Don’t fight strategically, just come and eat you.
Immune to cold.

The route may be rough and treacherous. There will be pirates.. Many attacks will be enchantments and illusions.


The boats will only take us as far as Druid isle. We stock up. We find one with 20 crew members.

Arya is happy with the state of the boat and its sea faring worthiness. The heroes are given free passage if they work as the defence.

Eggsy and Jerome are very sea sick,. Eggsy is very seas sick.

The third day there is a change in the weather, the captain starts baton in down the hatches and shortening the sails.

The heroes land at Anglesey on Druid Isle..

The Druids are happy to loan the heroes a skiff and are happy to get it back when it gets back.

As the skiff heads over to the island a pod of dolphins circles and escorts the heroes to the island.

As we approach the rocky cliffs there is a natural harbour and a beach. Arya offers her blessing to the ground.

A tall woman approaches the heroes, she is tall and has a slight silver tinge to the skin. She is dressed she says th are no weapons allowed on the island, they can be left in the cave.

Jerome stays behind and we head into the cave and we are handed over to a water elemental. The walls are semi translucent, finned figures can be seen swimming around.

Further down we enter into a huge audience chamber. The walls and columns and walls all appear to be liquid, but we can walk on them.

At the end of the audience chamber is a huge throne in the shape of a breaking wave. Sat on it is a slight figure, with a crown and trident. it is Arya’s deity ManannĂ¡n mac Lir.

He greets her and tells her

" You will go beyond the pillars of Hercules , we will be successful in the dwarven kingdom."

He also tells Eggsy “You will see Egypt again.”

The bard is told to harden up. “Get good”

For Jerome…. This is the catastrophe you dreamt of. If you fail so does the natural world..

Other transport is arranged by Mannanman Mac Lir o the now. The wall opens and the water parts and there is a tunnel to the northern shore .

Jerome blinked and the skiff has been returned. And he is on the northern beach. There is a horn on the beach, which Arya blows and a wave forms…. It’s the bow wave from a dragon turtle…. Our transport to the north. Saul is quite frightened, but eventually gets on. Arya is very excited about this. They board the dragon turtle.

A bit like this

The tempature starts to drop as they head north, a bit colder than normal for this time of year.

The dragon turtle lands us on the beach and Arya says thank you to the creature before it departs.


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