Wishing our lives away

The genie in the lamp says we have three wishes.

There are three gates in the throne room and he will tell us which gate to go through. We decide to go through quietly.

Tower goes through first after the genie says this is the portal that will take you closer to the crystal room..

The next portal is a smaller dimension, self contained area the walls are like a bubble, shifting patterns… Almost empty. There is only one wall that isn’t bubbly. 300 feet up is a door. The floor is a slippery slime that is adhesive. The are three or four caves. Mist is coming up out of area. The small is sort of mouldy

There is a bubbling green stream running underneath….. Out of one of the caves floats a pink bollock shaped thing.. Which we talk to, the bollock licks the sorcerer who is mildly disgusted. Arya goes first, then Tower then Saul…. Then the beholder dream, for that is what it is turns nasty and stuns the sorcerer before sticking the stunned sorcerer. The Assasin run s and jumps off the wall, feather falling as he goes to the sorcerers aid, whilst the paladin and the bard dimension doors himself and the paladin back down next to the bollock, her glaive sinks into its side as it casts a green stinking cloud, which causes the bard to start retching, the sorcerer is still stunned and attached to the bollock. Arya continues to slash at it with her light sabre.

The bollock now licks the sorcerer sticking its tongue into its ear before rising up away from the ground. Arya flails vainly at it as it rises out of reach. An arrow flies in from Tower stunning the bollock. It drops back down towards the prepared paladin who strikes at it again. Another arrow flies in striking deep into the creature. Arya says to the creature release my friends or you’ll get some more. The creature flings the sorcerer and the bard off itself and flies to the corner, indicating the way out. Arya draws her bow and seeks reassurance before Tower confirms there is a portal here.

The heroes go through the portal into the Crystal room.

The crystal room

The cavern has crystals, three glow with a metal aura. Mordred is bent over a crystal and appears in mistress.

All of Mordred’s guards are bound and Mordred appears in the control of a Mindflayer. Two drow, a wizard and a fighter with a goblin guard and 4 spiders.

We open the gig with Saul shouting good morning to the underworld…. Here’s Saul, there’s fireworks and spotlights. The sorcerer hastes the paladin and Tower, Tower heads off to release the red guard.. He goes straight past the spider and releases the first red guard. An ice storm rains down on the drow and the goblins..

Arya looses off three exploding arrows and kills the drow wizardj as the goblins flee.
The sorcerers globe fails, but his stinking cloud, down the drow.

The spiders phase into place next to the sorcerer and the bard, Tower has run away from the dominated Red guard.

A cloud kill is dropped on the paladin and the heroes, however Arya’s divine powers saves her and the halfling..

Saul doesn’t like the spiders being on his stage and changes his tune to affect the spiders and viciously mocks the spider.. The other one teleports to the top of the crystal and then webs the sorcerer .

The cloud kill moves off towards the webbed sorcerer as the speeded halfling races across and starts firing at the Illithiad., to be joined by the paladin.

Thunder rolls out as the sorcerer tries to escape from the spider. An other ice storm breaks out around the Illithiad and the drow..

The Illithiad sends Boris after Arya and now stands between her and the Illithiad, which now steps back into the shadows.

The stage goes dark to the dismay of Saul, however across the expanse a lesser Balrog steps through the gate. Lightning bolts race across the battle field striking the halfling from the drow Mage.

Saul steps across the battlefield to his other stage and with a wind up of the stratacaster and roll of thunderous applause removes the lesser performers from his stage.

Tower races across and shoots the Illthiad..

Toss cobble races across to returning the crystal off which will hurt him. His first attempt fails..

Arya races across and with her divine might sends the drow fleeing and the Balrog back through the gate, before turning to Mordred and healing him slightly. However Mordred is beyond saving, his brain is mush. Meanwhile across the battlefield our sorcerer rids himself of some of the spiders…. However a bollock beholder acolyte bursts out of his head. The bollock tries to infect the spider as the drow races towards it but stops dead.

Bursting through the gate a huge two headed red dragon appears.

Arya talks to the dragon. And turns off the crystal.

Negotiates some gold and convinces the dragon not to attack by promising gold.

Tower is summoned and the party retreat to it.

An Orc warrior is convinced by Boris that the people in the tower have his gold. He goes and bangs on the door shouting for his gold.

Meanwhile the plan is developed for Saul to turn Arya invisible and go out a window while the others throw gold from the top of the tower.

Arya quietly goes to the first crystal and manages to turn it off on one go. She heads for the next crystal.

The drow Mage notices the invisible paladin as she races to the next crystal. Meanwhile the Orc is ducking and dodging from the dragon’s claws and teeth.

Arya feels her self weakening as she fails to shut down the portal.

The dragon hamstrings the defiant and brave Orc warrior who then dies. The drow wizard fires a lightning bolt at the paladin but misses and upsets the dragon who causes fear to emanate across the dimension.

“Times up…. Call that a hoard..? Bellows the dragon, who starts looking through the windows and shouting "Where is my gold?

Arya shuts down the last portal.

They negotiate for a while and eventually agree on Arya leading the dragon back to the open skies, however the dragon eventually works out he can just open the gate anyway.

The dragon polymorphs into a human and tries to change the portal.

The Battle ensues, until eventually the dragon is slain by the combined might of the heroes and the remaining red Guard. a dark paladin and a priest…. some of whom die.

The heroes and the remaining red guard with Boris, rest in the tower overnight. Boris is concerned he will be arrested upon his return to Camelot. Arya suggests that his behaviour in fighting the dragon and helping to get everyone back to Camelot will reflect well on him. He is after all a mercenary.

That evening Arya prays to her diety, Manannan mac lir for the return of her strength. her strength has been sapped by closing down the portals, however the belt of giant strength hides this.

Arya insists that the ring of wishes is first used on Tosscobble to revive his dexterity.


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